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How Dangerous Is a Cracked Chimney Flue?

Chimney flues, which are chimney liners in most homes, serve a critical purpose: they channel smoke and toxins out of the fireplace and guard the interior chimney masonry and adjacent parts of the home from heat and fire. A cracked chimney flue is something you don’t want to ignore. The problem is, how can homeowners […] Read more

The Effects of Crumbly Chimney Masonry

Chimney masonry looks stately on traditional homes, but it is highly susceptible to damage caused by moisture as well as everyday wear and tear. Continuous exposure to the outdoor elements only speeds up deterioration unless chimney maintenance is scheduled routinely. The conditions that cause crumbly chimney masonry can be subtle. Professional chimney sweeps performing recommended […] Read more

How to Keep Birds and Other Small Animals out of Your Chimney

Birds, raccoons, rodents, squirrels, snakes – there’s a long list of little animals that love to make their homes inside chimneys, particularly when the home serves as a nesting ground. Small animals in your chimney can cause a lot of problems. Here are some of those problems and what to do about them. Animals and […] Read more

What Toxic Substances are in My Chimney?

Creosote and soot are byproducts of wood combustion, and both are flammable, toxic materials. Creosote buildup in your chimney creates obstruction and fire hazards. Many people are aware of the problem of creosote and try various solutions to reduce the amount of buildup in their chimneys. Some chemical products are available that claim to provide […] Read more

Restoring The Original Fireplace Openings In Your Old Home

Buyers of older homes are known to seek out original fireplace openings as cheap options for enjoying a fireplace. There is often a major problem, however, in that the openings are not what people think they are. There are a range of possibilities, none of which automatically provide a safe option for immediate fireplace use. […] Read more

Simple Tips to Extend the Life of Your Fire Pit

Fire pits have become such popular outdoor furnishings that they are second only to chairs, says the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA). Fires are always a hit, indoors or out-of-doors. Glowing flames are like magnets that draw Buy the Best Quality Possible It can be tough to keep a fire pit in good condition. The […] Read more

How to Know When to Call a Chimney Sweep

Properly maintaining your chimney is the best way to keep it safe and efficient year after year. When things go wrong within your chimney system, you might be able to handle minor repairs or adjustments yourself. In certain cases, however, chimney issues need to be addressed Trouble with a leaky chimney It’s not uncommon for […] Read more

Before Buying a Home with a Chimney, Know This!

It is exciting to buy a home, especially one with a fireplace. Do not sign on the dotted line, however, until you have taken a few important steps that could prevent you from making a mistake. A common error homebuyers make is assuming that the work of the home inspector provides assurance about the condition […] Read more

Do Chimney Sealants Really Make a Difference?

Masonry chimneys are highly susceptible to moisture from rain, snow, sleet, and ice. The design of chimneys helps to protect them from moisture intrusion, but vigilance is necessary to avoid major damage. Some chimney experts recommend having waterproofing aka chimney sealant applied to help keep moisture out, but does chimney sealant truly make a difference? […] Read more

Did Winter Weather Damage Your Chimney? Now’s the Time to Find Out

After a hot summer, many homeowners are ready to begin preparing for the winter season. Putting snow tires on the car, buying winter coats for the kids, and storing the patio furniture, is an annual winter ritual for many. Another family pleasure is relaxing in front of a warm fireplace. While many families are enjoying […] Read more

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