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Reasons to Add a Gas Fireplace to Your Home

Wood-burning fireplaces, long considered the traditional fireplace for centuries, are the centerpiece of many homes where families gather for warmth during the chilly winter months. However, that is beginning to change. With its cleaner-burning fuel, a strikingly authentic flame experience, and other convenient features, gas fireplaces are growing in popularity. Simpler to Operate Operating a […] Read more

The Effects of Common Chimney Issues

Lots of things can affect how safely and efficiently your chimney operates. Here are some of the more common chimney issues and their effects. Creosote in the flue Issue: Creosote builds up in your flue every time you burn a wood fire. It’s a byproduct of smoke-condensation. Creosote can be flakey, sticky or puffy; in […] Read more

Why You Should Hire a Professional for a Fireplace/Stove Install

Installing a fireplace, heating stove, or insert is not something you should do yourself. It takes careful planning, knowledge of venting systems, and technical expertise to do it safely.  The chimney or vent must also be installed per the heating manufacturer’s specification for the appliance to operate safely and efficiently. If the chimney or vent […] Read more

Hire the Right Chimney Sweep by Asking These Questions

Chimney sweep services are crucial to home safety, but it is important to realize that not all chimney sweeps deserve your business. The chimney sweep industry is unregulated, and that opens the door to scammers. Many homeowners in the tri-state area of SW Wisconsin, NE Iowa, and NW Illinois have been ripped off, paying for […] Read more

Firewood 101: Getting the Most out of Your Fires

While wood logs are much less complex than all the working parts and structures of your wood-burning fireplace, they often cause the most problems. The reason is a lot of people don’t know the basics of firewood and how to use it. In case you need a little primer to getting a good fire going, […] Read more

Why is Smoke Coming Out Of My Fireplace?

If smoke is going into your home instead of out of your chimney, you are experiencing a common problem that has a range of different causes. The enjoyment of a fireplace can be lost when the chimney isn’t operating the way it’s supposed to, drawing combustion gases out of the home. Potential problems resulting from […] Read more

Facts About Chimney Cracks

Because chimneys are sturdy-looking brick structures, many homeowners are surprised to learn that the development of chimney cracks is common and, in fact, may occur for many different reasons. No matter what has caused any cracks that may be in your chimney, the help of a reliable chimney sweep is needed for repairs. Once you’ve […] Read more

Essential Areas Chimney Sweeps Will Examine

Chimneys are prone to have problems, a fact no one knows better than trained, certified chimney sweeps. Annual chimney inspections are highly recommended. They are important enough that leading U.S. fire safety organizations all agree that homeowners should schedule yearly chimney inspections without fail. Statistics show that many thousands of house fires occur each year […] Read more

Is Your Fireplace Damper Open or Closed?

Knowing if your fireplace damper is properly closed and properly open is important. If you aren’t certain of the state of your damper, there are a few things you can do to find out. What fireplace dampers do Dampers are in place to control the flow of air between your home and your chimney flue […] Read more

Will a Chimney Sweep Leave a Mess In My house?

You know it’s time for a chimney cleaning, but you may be wondering if the chimney sweep will leave a mess. It’s a fair question since the chimney often contains creosote, soot, ash, and other particulates that nobody wants to breathe in, let alone cover their walls, floors, or furniture. It depends on who you […] Read more

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