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Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

stainless steel chimney liner replacement

What is a Chimney Liner?

The chimney liner is the channel that smoke and gases take to be vented out of your home away from your fireplace, insert, stove, furnace or boiler. These toxic materials are extremely hot, requiring a functioning chimney liner to protect any combustible areas adjacent to your chimney or venting. The chimney liner needs to be free of cracks or holes that may cause serious trouble. Many liners are constructed of clay tiles which are stacked to reach the top of the chimney. These tiles do deteriorate and may require replacement or installation of another type of chimney liner. To replace a clay tile chimney liner can be difficult depending on how easily the old liner can be removed.

Chimney Liner Maintenance

A chimney liner in good condition is important for the safety and support of your chimney. A liner’s main benefit is the safety that it provides. Every chimney must have a liner inside to protect the chimney from chimney fires and protect the home from carbon monoxide gases among other things. Along these same lines, chimney liners also protect the walls of the chimney from the intense high temperatures and harsh by-products that can harm the structural integrity of the chimney. A missing or damaged chimney liner is a serious oversight that can have detrimental results if left unnoticed. Metal chimney liners are one option to consider when relining a chimney. This round metal piping must match the venting output requirements of your appliance or fireplace to work properly.

dubuque IA chimney liner

These flexible chimney liners are inserted into the chimney running from top to bottom and attached directly to the source, venting all material and gases up and out of the house. Metal liners may also be insulated with a wrapping for better perfomance.

The unlined chimney in this picture has collapsed as a result of ignoring serious deterioration. Major damage to the home could have been avoided with a new in place to protect the chimney structure. We handle all types of chimney problems, from drastic structural issues like this one to others that are less severe. Whatever your needs our chimney professionals are qualified and ready to help.

Other problems made worse by the absence of a chimney liner include harmful gases entering the chimney and mixing with moisture. The moisture can then seep into the porous brick and cause rapid deterioration. When the temperature freezes, the water expands and causes the face of the bricks to fall off. This process is called “spalling”. This can lead to structural problems if left unresolved. To prevent these problems and make repairs where necessary, contact the chimney professionals in Highland, Wisconsin at Chimney Specialists.

This picture shows a fireplace that was not properly installed. Proper clearances to the combustible wood siding were not maintained. The black charring on the wood panels is from “pyrolysis”. This occurs when the combustible material is subjected to heat over time and the ignition temperature of the wood is actually lowered. This wood will ignite with temperatures as low as 250° Fahrenheit. It is absolutely critical for proper clearances to be met or exceeded. A proper liner would have prevented this from happening.

Any company can install a chimney liner in your home, but they may not all install it correctly.
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