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Institutional / Commercial / Industrial
Chimney Services

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Dubuque Fireplace and Patio Inc. in Dubuque relines, repairs and clean chimneys of any size. For several years, we held the record for installing the largest diameter cast-in-place chimney liner in the United States!

Our customers include school districts, churches, industrial clients, and municipal and governmental agencies. In fact, Chimney Specialists was selected among several other companies by the state of Wisconsin to restore the chimneys and fireplaces at the Governor’s mansion in Madison.

Commercial & Industial Masonry Chimney Lining

For large masonry institutional and commercial chimney’s, we whole heartily endorse the AHRENS Chimney Lining technique. The AHRENS masonry chimney lining process will strengthen, insulate, control condensation and improve the efficiency of any chimney. The AHRENS liner is normally installed in one continuous pour. There are no seams or joints to leak or separate. The continuous poured liner provides increased strength to any chimney. The liner offers an interlocking bond to existing masonry by filling any deteriorated mortar joints, cracks or crevices.

The AHRENS mixture is dual purpose, providing an insulated flue to keep inside flue temperatures higher (reducing condensation) while reducing heat transfer to the outside of the chimney.

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Current building codes require that combustible building materials (rafters, trusses or other framing members) to be at least two inches away from the chimney. Unfortunately, many older buildings with masonry chimneys have these materials actually touching the chimney with no clearance for heat to escape. The AHRENS system has been U.L. tested and listed for installation in chimneys with zero clearance to combustibles.

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Commercial, industrial and governmental customers from throughout Southwest Wisconsin,
Northeast Iowa and Northwest Illinois have trusted Dubuque Fireplace & Patio to analyze,
diagnose and correct serious chimney problems. Let us go to work for you. Contact Us today.

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