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A yearly chimney inspection is key for maintaining the safety of your chimney. For a fireplace, stove, insert, wood burning furnace or boiler, our certified chimney sweeps at Dubuque Fireplace and Patio are expertly trained to handle any type of system. During the cleaning, our chimney professionals also inspect the chimney to ensure the entire system is safe and in proper working condition.

Dubuque Fireplace and Patio has a wide service area including southwest Wisconsin, northwest Illinois and northeast Iowa. We take pride in the fact that many of our chimney cleaning customers bought their equipment from us and now we are their preferred company for service and repairs as well.

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While it may not seem dangerous, a dirty chimney is a dangerous chimney! In fact, every year there are many injuries and even deaths attributed to unsafe chimneys and over 200 million dollars in property damages. Many of these problems can be avoided with annual maintenance and inspections. Problems can occur due to blocked flues, creosote buildup and other internal or external damage.

To ensure the safety of your home and family, a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) Certified Chimney Sweep should clean and inspect your chimney on an annual basis. The process for becoming a CSIA certified sweep entails a comprehensive test that ensures thorough understanding of the codes, methods and standards of the trade.  At Dubuque Fireplace and Patio, every chimney sweep that we send out to clean or inspect your chimney is an experienced and certified professional. We take care to provide exceptional service no matter what it involves, including annual inspections and cleanings, inspection of chimney fire damage, internal chimney video inspection and installation of rain caps and dampers.

The best way to ensure a safe and working chimney is to integrate chimney inspections into your regular home maintenance. The chimney cleaning and inspection takes only an hour or two to complete. We examine and evaluate the condition of your chimney from top to bottom. Throughout the cleaning and inspection process our chimney technicians take every precaution to keep your home clean. At Dubuque Fireplace and Patio, we take care to clean up all soot and debris. We’ll cover or move nearby furniture, add drop cloths to cover adjacent flooring area and always clean up. We work hard to be thorough and leave the room as clean as we found it.

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Dubuque Fireplace and Patio follows the processes as outlined by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). This process includes three different levels of chimney inspections, each with a different purpose. The level 1 inspection is the typical inspection used for routine visits. This is usually done along with a standard chimney cleaning once a year.

The next inspection, level 2, is more in depth and is used for when you are buying or selling a house to get the chimney examined or after major changes are made to the chimney. This inspection may be required after a new lining is put in or if the system has been converted to accommodate a new type of fuel. The final level of inspection, a level 3 inspection is the most thorough. This inspection includes the first two types of inspection but also includes taking apart parts of the chimney structure to view problems that lie beneath. This inspection is recommended when the sweep suspects a more severe problem and needs more information to diagnose the problem.

Our certified chimney sweeps at Dubuque Fireplace and Patio are ready to inspect and clean your chimney to ensure you have peace of mind throughout the burning season and year round. Regular maintenance is crucial in preventing major problems with your chimney. Contact us today to have your chimney professionally cleaned and evaluated by the chimney sweeps at Dubuque Fireplace and Patio.

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