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Fireplaces / Wood / Gas / Pellet / Electric

fireplace store in dubuque wiA fireplace is the most prominent feature that makes your house feel like a home. Fireplaces create a centralized gathering space to bring your family closer and provide the perfect atmosphere for entertaining guests. A fireplace is also the number one requested feature for new home buyers and one of the 6 main features appraisers consider when determining the value of a home. Raise the market value of your home with a beautiful and cost effective fireplace. At Dubuque Fireplace and Patio we install, service and maintain fireplaces. Boost your home’s value, save on your heating bill and relax in front of the flickering flames of your new fireplace. Stop by our showrooms conveniently located in Dubuque and an easy drive from Southwest Wisconsin, Northwest Illinois and Northeast Iowa.

fireplace store in dubuque wiThere are many choices when it comes to choosing the design and options of your new fireplace. Do you love that old fashioned feel and the traditional features of a wood-burning fireplace? Do you care more about efficiency and the additional heat your new fireplace can add to your home? How about the convenience and efficiency of gas? Have you seen some of the new contemporary designs? Do you want natural materials such as stone or beautiful mantel designs to enhance the fireplace? No matter what your dreams are, a stroll through our three showrooms will inspire the indecisive and reassure those that already have specific ideas in mind.

Our showrooms give our customers an idea of the multitude of options that are available in fireplaces today. With products from dozens of manufacturers and more than 40 burning displays, our showrooms give a realistic picture of how each appliance will look and perform after it’s installed in your home. Come browse the many options and confidently choose a new wood-burning or gas fueled fireplace with the assistance of our experienced professionals.

wood burning fireplaces wisconsinWood Burning Fireplaces

A traditional wood-burning fireplace is hard to beat. With the pleasant smells of a natural wood-burning fire and the soothing crackle of the embers, many of our customers prefer the authenticity of zero clearance wood-burning fireplaces. These models can provide many benefits to traditional open-burning masonry fireplaces. At Dubuque Fireplace and Patio we can provide you options that you will not find anywhere else. Our fireplace experts are prepared to assist you with not only finding the perfect fireplace and accessories, but by providing future chimney inspections and maintenance, too.

Gas Fireplace installation in Apple Canyon, IL

Gas Burning Fireplaces

Enjoy the ease and simplicity of an instant fire with a direct vented gas fireplace. Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, these versatile appliances can fit in any room of your home. Stop by our showrooms to see dozens of options and pick out a gas fireplace that’s perfect for that special spot in your home. You’ll never be without the warmth and tranquility of a beautiful fire.

electric fireplaces repair & installation in dubuque iaElectric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces provide instant ambiance to any room. You can add the "cozy" factor anywhere in your home with no major renovations because there are no venting or chimney requirements. These year round appliances run off a standard household power source and can be simply plugged into a wall outlet. They provide clean electric heat and cost only pennies a day to operate. Or if you want to add atmosphere during a summer night, no worries - the units can add the life-like flame effects without heat too! These units can also fit right into an existing fireplace for those who want the easy operating electric fireplace insert option.

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