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Indoor Wood Burning Furnaces

We offer a wide selection of air furnaces for those who want to provide an economical heating solution for their entire home, garage, or shop. Here's one of our major brands to consider:

Indoor wood burning furnace Installation in Dyersville, IAForced Air Wood Burning Furnaces

Besides being efficient and cost-effective, forced air wood burning furnaces offer other benefits. They are environmentally friendly. Wood is a renewable, sustainable resource. It is a more economic fuel option than fossil fuels. Wood burning furnaces are designed to give off low emissions and burn cleanly so that they have even less of an environmental impact. Some are even E.P.A. certified.

They also offer you more independence and reliability. You do not have to worry about the rising price of gas or fuel oil. Your furnace will economically heat your home, business or shop. If you would like, you can go off the grid entirely when you combine your furnace with other sources of alternative energy. Your wood furnace can be used as a water heater as well. You can heat water for domestic use by simply adding a heat exchanger to the system.

When choosing an outdoor wood burning boiler you can choose either a traditional or high efficiency model. Traditional wood boilers transfer the fire’s heat directly to the water through the firebox walls. Though this efficiently heats the water, it does prevent the fire from burning at the most optimal temperatures. As a result, the fire does not burn as efficiently. High efficiency wood boilers use a gasification process that results in considerably fewer emissions and higher efficiencies. A secondary burn chamber allows the fire to reach extremely high temperatures that cause it to burn nearly all of the ashes, gasses and smoke from the fire. As a result, emissions are greatly reduced while efficiencies exceed 90%.

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