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Home makeover projects are excellent for increasing the beauty and enjoyment of your home, and a fireplace remodel is a renovation with several advantages. If your fireplace is outdated and clashes with your home’s interior design, you can’t go wrong with a change. Check out top benefits of a fireplace remodel below.

fireplace and hearth renovations and remodelDesired Ambiance

Perhaps right now your fireplace creates an antiquated, traditional feel but what you want is a sleek and contemporary look. A fireplace remodel can create just the focal point to offset your modern décor. Whatever style you desire can be achieved with a fireplace remodel that completely transforms its appearance. You may even opt to have a modern linear fireplace installed.

Greater Efficiency

If you have a traditional masonry fireplace, why not improve its efficiency as part of the remodel? You can increase efficiency from a mere 10% to 70% or more, if you have a fireplace insert installed. This means you can look forward to lower heating costs in winter. The following are a few more examples of fireplace remodel features to add that improve efficiency:

  • A tubular grate that moves more of the heat from the fire into your home.
  • An outdoor air feed so that the fireplace doesn’t pull oxygen and warm air from your home.
  • A grate with an electric blower, which increases efficiency tenfold, compared to other types of grates.
  • A “chimney pillow” is a device that prevents loss of heated and cooled air from the house whenever the fireplace isn’t in use.

Improved Functionality

It is often possible to convert a wood-burning fireplace into a gas fireplace, which offers many benefits. It’s incredibly convenient and easy to operate a gas fireplace. The up-to-date technology allows you to operate gas fireplaces remotely, use programmable thermostats, and turn them on and off with wall switches. For many people, the best part of having a gas fireplace is that you no longer need to deal with firewood and lighting fires the old-fashioned way.


fireplace safetyIf you have an outdated fireplace, there are several safety features you could add as part of your renovation. You can protect children and pets, the vulnerable members of your household, with the following added safety features:

  • Add glass fireplace doors so that pets nor children can trip and fall or knock something into the flames.
  • Add locks to the fireplace doors so toddlers are unable to climb inside the fireplace to explore.
  • Put a screen or small indoor fence in front of the fireplace, to prevent small children getting injured from touching hot glass doors.

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