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Chimney Repairs / Chimney Rebuilding

chimney repair in Guttenberg, IAA safe chimney is a well maintained chimney! To mitigate future problems and keep your chimney in good working condition, yearly cleanings and inspections are key. But when chimney repair are required, you can count on us too. At Dubuque Fireplace and Patio, we specialize in chimney restoration and rebuilding. Our highly trained professional staff can also take care of virtually any other type of repairs you may need. We service chimneys across Northeast Iowa, Southwest Wisconsin and Northwest Illinois.

chimney repairs in Dubuque IA, Apple Canyon IL, Dyersville IA, Galena ILHidden Problems in Chimneys

Every masonry chimney, no matter how old, may have problems that cannot be spotted on the outside surface. Interior problems such as fractured or otherwise broken flue tiles, incorrect distance from the fire, and other issues can easily go unnoticed. If you have an unlined chimney, or notice mortar that is falling out, loose bricks, leaks, brick pieces in your fireplace, white staining or cracks on the outside of your chimney, or experience returning headaches during the winter months, then give us a call today.

Chimney masonry Repair In Dubuque IA, Apple Canyon IL, Dyersville IA, Galena ILYou May Have a Damaged Chimney

At first glance, your chimney likely looks fine. But the exterior of chimneys can be very deceptive about what lies within. The chimney may be seriously deteriorated on the inside. The harsh byproducts of the fire can destroy the chimney liner which may as a result cause a chimney fire, hazardous build-up within the flue or may even lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. These are all major concerns, but as the homeowner, you may not be aware of these problems till they become visible from the outside. At this point they may be past the point of when a repair is possible. Waiting to maintain your chimney always results in more costly repairs. To eliminate the risks associated with these hidden problems, protect your home and your family with an annual chimney inspection.

Chimney Repair in Dubuque IA, Apple Canyon IL, Dyersville IAm, Guttenberg IAGas, oil or wood, all chimneys need to be equipped with an approved liner in proper working condition regardless of the fuel used. While your chimney liner may have deficiencies, the good news is that our skilled chimney professionals can usually add or fix any liner that is not up to par without destroying the entire structure and rebuilding. Chimney liners can be metal, clay tiles or cast-in-place. The type to use depends on each individual situation.

At Dubuque Fireplace and Patio we have a well established reputation for our knowledgeable staff, superior work with all types of chimneys, and a genuine care for our customers. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced professionals or to schedule an appointment.

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