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Gas Stove Sales and Installations in Iowa

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Easy to Use Gas Stoves

Gas stoves stand out for their convenience, cleanliness and efficiency. Save time because there is no cutting, splitting, hauling and stacking fire wood. And, better yet, no messy ashes to clean up!

With a free-standing gas stove the fire starts instantly and requires no extra work from you.

Simply flip a switch, utilize a remote control or allow a thermostat to maintain steady temperatures in the room and the gas stove will provide wonderful warmth and amazing ambiance to any environment.

Gas stoves use either natural gas or liquid propane gas (LPG) to produce a realistic looking fire. Stoves come in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes to fit with your home decor. Dozens of options give you the opportunity to customize the appliance.

Gas stoves can be vented vertically through the roof or horizontally through an exterior side-wall.

Unlike a gas fireplace that requires framing and finishing, freestanding gas stoves require only a few square feet of space to install in a room. Many can even be installed directly on a hard wood floor!

To see numerous models burning and to experience the ultimate convenience of a gas fueled stove, visit us: Dubuque Fireplace & Patio.

Gas Stove Installation in Dubuque, IA and Apple Canyon IL

If you are wondering what the best type of gas burning stove for you and your family is, please stop by our Dubuque Fireplace and Patio store located in Dubuque, Iowa and speak with one of our gas stove experts. We also carry patio furniture!

If you are ready for your new gas stove, give us a call at (563) 582-5156 or fill out our online contact form and an expert team member will promptly reach out to you!

Dubuque Fireplace & Patio proudly serves the Dubuque tri-state area, including Dyersville IA, Platteville WI, Guttenberg IA, Apple Canyon IL, Galena IL, and Aiken IL.

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