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Tips to Prep for First-Time Fireplace Use

Sitting snugly by the glow of a fireplace in fall and winter is such a delight, though starting a fire for the first time can be very intimidating. It’s no wonder since our age of electronics is such a far cry from primeval acts shared with cavemen. Well, today’s homes and fireplaces are definitely upgrading, […]

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Annual Chimney Inspection

The chimney performs one of the most vital safety functions yet is often overlooked during routine home maintenance. For many homeowners that use the fireplace only a few times a year, having a chimney inspection isn’t a top priority. But this assumption can be dangerous. There may be excessive creosote, weather-related damage, water leaks, and […]

Great Reasons to Upgrade to a Linear Fireplace This Fall

A linear fireplace may be the perfect addition to your home for the fall and winter seasons for a number of great reasons. The more you know about these heating appliances, the more convinced you will surely be that linear fireplace installation is something to schedule without delay. Just imagine all the pleasures and ambiance […]

How to Weatherproof a Fireplace

When a traditional masonry fireplace is not in use, it can increase heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Unless the chimney is properly sealed off, indoor and outdoor air will freely flow back and forth, helping to drain a homeowner’s wallet through higher utility costs. Weatherproofing your fireplace is a beneficial way to cut […]

What is Glazed Creosote?

Creosote is combustion material from wood fires that is found in chimneys in three forms, and glazed creosote is the most difficult type to remove from a chimney liner. Tar and soot are also combustion byproducts, and they are mixed in with the creosote. Whether glazed creosote or another form is in your chimney, it […]

Tips to Keep Track of Your Chimney’s Health

While collecting and drying out firewood for your cozy fireplace this winter or planning parties around your linear gas fireplace, don’t forget that the health of your chimney is an important safety issue. There’s a lot involved with keeping up with all the demands of a household, season after season. If anything is overlooked, don’t […]

What to Do About Sooty Deposits

It is no secret that the interior of a chimney can be a dirty, dusty and smelly mess after the winter heating season. And whether you have a wood-burning or gas fireplace or heating stove, soot will deposit in the chimney and/or stove pipe. While the chimney is designed to expel toxic fumes and contaminates like creosote and soot, some of […]

Is Buying a Used Fireplace or Stove a Good Idea?

Is Buying a Used Fireplace or Stove a Good Idea? What Aesop said about frugality still holds true: “It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.” Such a wise attitude may lead you to consider buying a used fireplace or stove. Since these are solid fuel appliances, it’s essential to find out […]

How to Extend the Life of Your Wood Stove

How to Extend the Life of Your Wood Stove Modern wood stoves are highly efficient and will help you cut heating costs in winter. You can enjoy the investment you made in a wood stove much longer if you give the appliance needed care and attention. It’s the same as with other household appliances. The better […]

What to Look for When Hiring a Chimney Sweep

What To Look For When Hiring A Chimney Sweep If you have a fireplace or wood stove at home, chimney cleaning is crucial to eliminate soot, creosote, and debris that buildup over time. But a chimney sweep does much more than ensure that the flue is clean, working correctly and safe from fire accidents. They […]

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