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Intriguing Firewood Storage Ideas that Look Good All Year Round

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your fireplace as a focal point, you may want to upgrade indoor firewood storage. The natural beauty of cut wood brings an outdoorsy feel to the home, and some of the options for displaying firewood add a touch of elegance, as well. Indoor firewood storage can be creative, artistic, and unforgettably intriguing. The following […]

Revamp Your Tired Fireplace with a New Insert

There’s nothing more relaxing than the warmth of a fireplace during a cold winter night. It offers the much-needed heat to beat the freezing temperatures. But if your fireplace has seen better days, it’s time to give it life with a new insert. Fireplace inserts provide the best of both worlds: They restore an old, tired fireplace into a charming focal point. And they minimize heat […]

Essential Considerations When Choosing a Home Fireplace

Essential Considerations When Choosing a Home Fireplace Are you in the process of building a home with a fireplace, or have you decided to add a fireplace to your existing residence? To avoid a costly error, it’s vital to consider certain things before making a final decision on your fireplace. With the following information, you […]

Why Should I have a Mid-Winter Fireplace & Chimney Inspection?

Should I have a Mid-Winter Fireplace/Chimney Inspection? It’s hard to believe how fast the year goes by. So many things to do, but not enough time to get it all done. One of those things that often falls by the wayside is inspecting and cleaning the fireplace and chimney. And if you’re one of those […]

Tri-State Chimney Inspections

Tri-State Chimney Inspections Fire safety experts advise homeowners to schedule a chimney inspection each year, no matter how often or infrequently the fireplace or stove has been used in winter. Chimneys are vulnerable to deficiencies resulting from chimney fires, excess creosote, harsh weather, the passage of time, and, most of all, moisture. Chimney inspections are […]

Benefits of a Multi-Sided Fireplace

Benefits of a Multi-Sided Fireplace A beautiful fireplace will add character, charm and sophistication to a home. And thanks to new technology that makes fireplaces safer and more efficient, designers are breaking the traditional limitations with the emergence of double-sided, triple-sided and even four-sided fireplaces. These attractive multi-sided fireplaces are available in a range of […]

The Top Benefits of a Fireplace Remodel

Top Benefits of a Fireplace Remodel Home makeover projects are excellent for increasing the beauty and enjoyment of your home, and a fireplace remodel is a renovation with several advantages. If your fireplace is outdated and clashes with your home’s interior design, you can’t go wrong with a change. Check out top benefits of a […]

Freestanding Stove or Fireplace Insert?

Freestanding Stove or Fireplace Insert If you’re trying to decide whether you should install a free-standing wood stove or fireplace insert, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are looking for more efficient alternative heating solutions. But how do you know which is best for your home? While both will keep your home nice and warm and […]

Common Fireplace FAQs

Common Fireplace FAQs The following are some of the questions asked most frequently about fireplaces. You may find a quick answer to your fireplace question below: Can I install a free-standing fireplace or fireplace insert myself? Hearth products must be installed strictly according to manufacturer’s instructions as well as local or national building codes. Oftentimes, […]

Fireplace Upgrades

Fireplace Upgrades Our experts at Dubuque Fireplace & Patio provide high-quality fireplace surrounds and custom-built mantels. Contact us and find out about our top-notch selection of products, including natural stone, faux stone, and brick veneer. We serve all of SW Wisconsin, NE Illinois, and NW Iowa. If your fireplace has lost its former charm, a […]