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Potential Chimney Problems Caused by Bad Weather

Stormy weather has the potential to cause chimney problems, especially when your area experiences heavy rainfall, strong winds, or lightning strikes. Chimneys are exposed to the worst of storms because they are typically the highest point on the rooftop. That’s in addition to the fact that chimneys can be very vulnerable to moisture damage when […] Read more

Don’t Ignore These Common Signs of Chimney Damage!

Chimneys eventually need ongoing upkeep and repair, and experts say that common signs of chimney damage should not be ignored. Moisture comes against chimneys in numerous ways. If water seeps into the masonry system, gradual destruction of the bricks begins in wintertime. The chimney will eventually begin to lean and could collapse. Chimney maintenance costs […] Read more

Is There Mold in my Fireplace and Chimney?

Did you know that mold can be a health threat and it grows in fireplaces and chimneys? Mold growth can occur anyplace where there is darkness, dampness, and poor ventilation. The fight against mold growth is waged in part through humidity controls such as the exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens. But what do you […] Read more

Insights on Historic Chimney Restoration

Restoring an old, historic home is a project that can yield stunning results, but it is important to address chimney restoration with care. Many practices from days gone by could determine whether a historic fireplace is safe to use in its current state. Scheduling a chimney expert for help with chimney restoration is the best […] Read more

7 Things You Should Know About Fireplaces

You may be looking forward to investing in a home hearth, but there are a few things you should know about fireplaces first. In large part due to government restrictions designed to reduce air pollutants, fireplace efficiency has continually improved for decades. The more you know about fireplaces, the happier you are likely to be […] Read more

Here’s Why Electric Fireplaces are Perfect for Summer

Have you ever experienced the coziness of an electric fireplace during summertime, when all the heat stayed outdoors? It’s nice! If you are a big fan of fireplaces, there is no reason to wait for winter. Learn more below and consider adding an electric fireplace to your list of ways to get the most out […] Read more

Essential Considerations When Adding a Backyard Fire Pit

The simple pleasure of being at home can routinely include moonlight, marshmallows, and cozy outdoor gatherings when you have a backyard fire pit. A standard feature that homebuyers look for these days, a backyard fire pit setting can be pleasingly simple or stunningly elaborate. Consider the following essentials as you prepare to install a fire […] Read more

Why You Should Hire A Chimney Sweep Now

It’s possible you need to hire a chimney sweep now, though you may wonder ‘what’s the rush?’ Life doesn’t come with ominous music that warns us of lurking danger, like in the movie Jaws, but there are signs you can look for to detect chimney damage and serious hazards. You may be able to avert […] Read more

Do Gas Fireplaces Have a Flue?

Some gas fireplaces are vented and have a flue, but ventless models are also available. Combustion fumes are removed from the home with a flue, but the traditional chimney is not the only venting option. Choices in gas fireplace venting mean that consumers can set up gas fireplace installation of a unit that best suits […] Read more

Harmful Health Effects of a Dirty Chimney

Cleaning a dirty fireplace is a dreaded but important spring-cleaning chore. What many people don’t realize is that the filthy grime in a dirty chimney can negatively affect your health. In more positive terms, an investment in a clean chimney and fireplace is also an investment in better health. By scheduling professional chimney cleaning services, […] Read more

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