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The Benefits of a Well-Insulated Chimney

As the temperatures drop, the urge to light up your fireplace and enjoy a cozy evening at home goes up. But you know what can put a damper on that evening? A chilly draft and cold air finding its way inside your home. Have no fear; our team at Dubuque Fireplace & Patio can help […] Read more

Snowfall Woes: How to Handle Snow in Your Chimney Like a Pro

One of the coziest parts of the winter is enjoying a fire at home with loved ones near. It’s even nicer when fresh snow is falling outside. However, things could take a turn and put a damper on things if snow somehow finds its way inside your chimney or home. Let’s take a look at […] Read more

Best and Worst Types of Wood for Your Fireplace

You can increase the joy in fireside moments this winter by strategically using knowledge about firewood. The best and worst types of wood for your fireplace depend on life circumstances and personal preferences. Read on to learn how you can master your hearth experiences. The Top Quality of Good Firewood Before you look at anything […] Read more

Fall Fireplace Tips

It’s fall; more specifically, it’s October, and perhaps you are feeling the spirit of the Autumn season and want to decorate to reflect that. What better way to express your enthusiasm for fall than decorating your fireplace? It’s a great idea, and with that in mind, here are some fall fireplace tips. Have Your Fireplace […] Read more

Getting Your Fireplace and Chimney Ready for Use

The anticipation of cozy fires in the fall is only natural but getting your chimney ready for use is a crucial first step in safety. Every year, thousands of families learn first-hand how hazardous it is to neglect chimney maintenance. The first fire of the season can result in a hazardous chimney fire that could […] Read more

Leaky Chimney’s in Dubuque

A leaky chimney is never something you want to see as a homeowner. But, if you’re noticing any leaking or water pooling in or around your chimney, it shouldn’t be ignored. Even if there is a wet spot on the ceiling close to your fireplace, it may be directly related to your chimney. Water damage […] Read more

Everything To Know About Chimney Caps

What do we know about chimney caps? Well, probably that they cover the top of your chimney. This is correct, but many do not know that chimney caps play an intricate part in your chimney. So, what exactly is a chimney cap? A chimney cap is a protective cover that sits on the top of […] Read more

Lightning Struck My Chimney, Now What?

It’s an unnerving experience when lightning strikes your chimney. The flash of light was followed by an immediate and deafening thunderclap. If it has happened to you, then you know all too well. Why was your chimney struck? Your chimney is probably the highest point on your home’s exterior; that’s why it was struck. What […] Read more

Summer Is the Best Time for Chimney Maintenance

When the weather is warm and the sun is hot, it’s a great time for swimming, picnicking, going to a baseball game, and experiencing nature. Summer is also the best time for chimney maintenance. It’s even better when you schedule chimney maintenance with bona fide chimney sweeps known for their expertise and excellence in workmanship. […] Read more

Summer Humidity and Your Chimney

Summertime weather can be unpredictable. Will it be cool in the morning, yet hot in the evening? Will the temperatures be relatively low, but the humidity high? Let’s focus on that last part: humidity is a measurement of the amount of moisture in the air. When it rises, it can create a host of problems […] Read more

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