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Top Tips For Choosing a Grill

As spring gives way to the warmer days and longer nights of summer, many people’s thoughts inevitably turn to one of the ultimate summer past times. No, we aren’t talking about NASCAR or baseball( though either option is a pretty great way to spend a summer afternoon!). Today, we are focusing on grilling and wanted […] Read more

Top Mount vs. Throat Dampers

Think of the functions of a top mount and throat damper in the one-sentence melodramatic scenes that follow. Forget to open the chimney damper as you light a fire one time, and you are not likely to forget again—smoke billows into the home. Once a fire dies, forget to close the damper and evidence shows […] Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Masonry Chimney Repairs

Qualified chimney sweeps are the professionals to call for masonry chimney repairs. That’s the first thing every homeowner should understand about their brick, stone, or concrete chimney. It can also help to understand that almost all brick-and-mortar chimneys are initially built with a clay tile flue lining but that it rarely makes sense to choose […] Read more

Benefits of Annual Chimney Inspections

Sometimes lighting a fire in a fireplace puts the family and home in danger. Helping to avoid life-threatening hazards is just one of the benefits of annual chimney inspections. All risks associated with fires and carbon monoxide cannot be fully eliminated. You can, however, enjoy your fireplace with greater peace of mind by scheduling routine […] Read more

Chimney Stains And What They Mean

Stains on your chimney are both a good and bad thing. They’re good, in that they’re letting you know there’s a problem with your chimney — sort of an early warning system if you will. However, they’re primarily a bad thing, because you don’t want to have them in the first place. If you ever […] Read more

Why Are There Cracks in My Firebox?

The many components of fireplaces and chimneys need ongoing maintenance because they are vulnerable to damage. So, you may find yourself asking, ‘Why are there cracks in my firebox?” Taking notice of this situation is particularly important because, whatever the cause of the cracks, repairs are essential. Due to the functions of the firebox, it […] Read more

How to Keep Snow Out of Your Chimney This Winter

Freezing weather can wreak havoc on chimneys. Preparation can help, and one thing it’s advisable to know is how to keep snow out of your chimney in winter. Steps in prevention provide the best defenses against potential damage caused by snow. Besides learning how to keep snow out of your chimney, Dubuque Fireplace and Patio […] Read more

Gas Vs. Wood – How Much Maintenance Gas Fireplaces Need

What gas fireplaces don’t need as compared with wood-burners may just be their biggest selling point. But it is still smart to ask in the affirmative: how much maintenance does a gas fireplace need? A common mistake among homeowners is to neglect gas fireplace maintenance because they are remarkably convenient. When it comes to fireplaces, […] Read more

Is it Time to Replace Your Chimney Liner?

Leading fire safety experts agree that annual chimney inspections are crucial. Chimney inspections provide you with the answer to the question: is it time to replace your chimney liner? Essential safety features, chimney liners aka flue liners are typically either clay tiles or stainless steel. They provide protection from two potentially life-threatening hazards. Below, learn […] Read more

How Long Can You Run A Gas Log Fireplace?

Gas fireplaces can really light up the night with unbeatable ambiance, but safety should always be the first consideration. It’s important to know the correct answer to the question, how long can I run my gas log fireplace? Depending on the type of gas fireplace you have, there may be a limit to how long […] Read more

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