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Best Time Of Year For A Chimney Cleaning

With temperatures rising, it’s tempting to spend all your time on yard work and springtime fun. One important thing you may not even be thinking about is your chimney. Did you know that the best time of year to schedule your annual chimney cleaning is actually in the spring? There are a couple of big […] Read more

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Fireplace

Having an indoor fireplace is amazing. But, if you’re looking for a way to transform your backyard into a luxurious oasis, then you may want to consider adding an outdoor fireplace to your setup. These provide multiple benefits, though you may be wondering how to choose the best outdoor fireplace for your Patio. These are […] Read more

Can You Remove a Chimney Breast Wall?

To free up more space in your home, can you remove a chimney breast wall? You probably can, is the short answer. There is a lot to be considered, however. First of all, the trade-off for extra room is you would be removing a fireplace. Studies show that a fireplace can dramatically increase the value […] Read more

How To Seal A Flue Pipe To A Chimney

Higher energy bills and unexplained drafts can be a cause for concern when you don’t know the source. Add probable damage to that equation and you have a potential energy crisis on your hands. What could be causing these issues? We’re going to discuss one possibility today: an issue with your chimney flue seal. Here’s […] Read more

Why Is the Base of the Chimney Crumbling?

Crumbling chimney masonry is a common problem, and repairs are urgently needed. Anyone who needs to ask why is the base of the chimney crumbling, however, may be particularly alarmed. When the chimney base is crumbling, it is often evidence of foundation problems. Read on to learn more details on this and other chimney masonry […] Read more

Which is Better – Gas or Wood Burning Fireplaces?

Picking sides is human nature. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite team in the Super Bowl, choosing between two options for dinner, or the recent Taylor Swift album, everyone has an opinion about the latest trends. Today, we’ll present both sides of the age-old fireplace debate: what’s better, gas or wood? Which team are you […] Read more

What is Chimney Flashing and Why is it Important?

Fireplaces may be pure pleasure on wintry days, but a chimney leak can dampen the positive vibes. To help avoid unnecessary woes, good questions to find answers to are what is chimney flashing and why is it important? A chimney leak is a common reason why chimney repair is needed, and a chimney flashing issue […] Read more

What You Need To Know About Chimney Brick Repair

Have you noticed any problems with the brick-and-mortar that makes up your chimney? Perhaps some staining is evident along the side of your masonry? Or maybe there are obvious cracks and gaps? Perhaps you’re even missing a few bricks. Do these problems mean you need to completely rebuild your chimney? Here are the things you […] Read more

It’s Not To Late For a Chimney Inspection & Cleaning

Chimney cleaning companies often talk about the right time to schedule a yearly cleaning and inspection. Typically, the suggestion we recommend is to have your chimney looked at in the early fall. This proactive step will help you to get ahead of any unforeseen issues before you go to use your fireplace for the first […] Read more

Deck the Halls, Not Your Fireplace!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…you know the rest. Decorating for the holidays can be fun, especially when you get the entire family involved. Turning your living spaces into a winter wonderland worthy of a full-page spread in your favorite magazine is a truly magical experience. While the previously mentioned carol is known by […] Read more

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