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How to Safely Dispose of Fireplace Ash

Many fire department websites include instructions on how to dispose of fireplace ashes safely. Coals and ashes removed from fireplaces and wood stoves frequently cause home fires. The problem specifically has to do with the way ashes are handled. Information follows that can help you keep your home and family safer by knowing how to […] Read more

Why is My Fireplace Pushing Smoke Into the House?

Back puffing is what is happening when your fireplace is pushing smoke into your house. A smoky fireplace is frustrating and potentially dangerous (because combustion gases are toxic). Back puffing is also among the most common reasons homeowners in Dubuque IA schedule professional chimney sweep services with Dubuque Fireplace & Patio. The following issues are […] Read more

Can Chimneys Get Repaired in the Winter?

While they are possible, winter chimney repairs are more expensive and less durable. The cold season is simply not ideal for chimney repairs. It is common knowledge that masonry repairs should be made before the arrival of winter weather. In fact, some would say how can chimneys get repaired in winter? Masonry materials simply don’t […] Read more

Convincing Reasons to Schedule Chimney Cap Installation Now

Have you ever wondered whether it’s important to have a chimney cap installed? Even though chimney caps aren’t automatically installed atop chimney flues, they are essential. Perhaps the idea behind the installation of chimney caps separately from the addition of the chimneys themselves is to give owners the option of choosing the style of their […] Read more

Winter Chimney Risks to Look Out For

Enjoy your fireplace in winter, of course, while not forgetting that there are winter chimney risks to be on the lookout for. Similar to the way the dry air in winter can make our skin dry and chapped, chimneys can suffer many ill effects of the season. When it is freezing outside, untold damage could […] Read more

6 Simple Ways to Help Prevent Chimney Fires

It is vital to understand the importance of preventing chimney fires. A dangerous myth regarding these household threats is that they can help to save money on chimney cleaning by burning out creosote. In reality, virtually every chimney fire causes structural damage. A common type of damage resulting from a chimney fire is deterioration to […] Read more

4 Vital Steps to Make Sure Your Fireplace Is Safe

Before planning a cozy gathering around the fireplace this fall, follow the easy steps to ensure that your chimney & fireplace are safe to use. Fireplace safety should always take priority. No one wants to be among the thousands of homeowners whose first fire of the season causes a destructive and dangerous house fire. With […] Read more

Fireplace Tips to Safely Warm You Up This Winter

Because fires have inherent dangers, it is always wise to review fireplace safety tips before using your fireplace each winter. The reality is that many dangerous home fires are caused by fireplaces or chimneys every year. There are many ways in which fireplaces can cause injuries. You can help to ensure the safety of your […] Read more

Do You Have One of These 5 Common Chimney Problems?

Many people are prone to ignore their chimneys, even though they may have some of the five most common chimney problems. Fireplaces are among the greatest pleasures to be enjoyed in wintertime, but they are also safety risks. A variety of different hazards are caused by a lack of chimney maintenance. Some aspects of neglect […] Read more

Dangers of Neglecting Chimney Maintenance

When thinking of ways to cut home maintenance costs, don’t forget that there are dangers of neglecting chimney maintenance. Various threats naturally come with using a solid fuel heating appliance. Chimney maintenance is important because it prevents a range of possible hazards associated with neglect. Read on to learn more. Risks of a Dirty Chimney […] Read more

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