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chimney rebuilding and chimney repair in dubuque iaPreventing big chimney repairs is one of our goals at Dubuque Fireplace and Patio but, if your chimney needs to be restored or repaired, we can help! Our team of chimney technicians and masons are experts at chimney rebuilding and repairs. Homeowners throughout Dubuque, IA and the greater Tri-state area rely on us for quick and trustworthy chimney services from tuckpointing and crown repairs to complete restorations.

Dubuque IA Masonry Work

The knowledgeable professionals on our team specialize in working with masonry for fireplaces and chimneys. Tuckpointing is the most common service that we offer for residents in Dubuque. It is a cost-effective solution to restore chimneys that have some missing pieces of bricks and mortar but do not have critical structural damage.

Chimney Crown Replacement

Chimney crowns are designed to protect the walls of your chimney by keeping water out of the masonry. If the cement chimney crown on your home has become cracked or broken, it should be replaced. Our team can replace your chimney crown to keep your chimney protected from water damage.

Chimney Liner Repair or Replacement

A chimney liner plays a crucial role in the chimney’s venting system. It insulates the chimney walls and combustible materials in your home from the harsh heat of the fire and prevents toxic chemicals in smoke from getting into your home. It also helps the fire to burn more efficiently. If your chimney liner is broken, warped or the wrong size for your chimney it can cause serious problems. The annual inspection of your chimney is the best time to catch a problem with your liner. We can replace or repair your chimney liner.

firebox repair and fireplace repairs in dubuque ia

Firebox Repair

The firebox, where you burn logs in your fireplace, can crack and deteriorate just like a chimney liner. Though it is built with bricks that can withstand extremely high temperatures, it can begin to show significant wear and tear or become unattractively strained. Water damage can also cause the firebox to deteriorate. Broken pieces of bricks and mortar in the firebox is a sign that it is deteriorating. If your firebox is showing the year, you can call on us to repair or rebuild it.

Fireplace Rebuilding

Chimneys are built to last for decades, but they cannot last forever. Water damage can rapidly accelerate the deterioration of a fireplace and chimney. Our team has the expertise to completely rebuild your fireplace and chimney.

Whether your chimney needs to be restored because of structural damage or you want to upgrade to a more modern design, we can help! We have rebuilt fireplaces and chimneys for homeowners across Dubuque County and the neighboring area. We can install a beautiful new mantel and build welcoming new hearth for your home.

Putting off chimney repairs for another season could lead to greater costs in the long run. Do not wait to call on the chimney experts at Dubuque Fireplace & Patio when you need your chimney repaired or restored! You can count on our fully trained, professional crew to get the job done right and on schedule.

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