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dubuque ia chimney sweep and chimney cleaningYou can often see our Fireplace & Patio trucks traveling in Dubuque IA and the surrounding towns as we provide dependable chimney services. Dubuque is a beautiful city full of wonderful attractions. It is home of Mathias Ham House on Lincoln Street, which was built beginning in 1837. The original simple two-story home Matthias Ham built overlooking the Mississippi River later had elaborate additions, and the home became the pride of Dubuque. Besides providing chimney services in that area, our chimney experts travel on Locust Street, Central Avenue, and make their way to homes as they travel on Bluff Street, Hill Street, and I-20. Homeowners in neighboring towns of East Dubuque IA, Sageville IA, Key West IA, Fairplay WI, Rutledge IA, Rockdale IA, and Asbury IA also trust Dubuque Fireplace & Patio for chimney repairs, installation of chimney caps and chases tops, chimney crown repair, and more.

Meet Dubuque IA Fireplace Patio!

Dubuque Fireplace & Patio is the premier hearth products and patio specialty shop in the tri-state area. In addition to carrying the best brand names in hearth and patio products, we provide professional installation services and the best chimney services, including the full range of chimney repair services. We have beautiful showrooms and friendly, well-informed staff.

Chimney Repairs

Chimney repairs are often needed by homeowners in Dubuque IA, who call on Dubuque Fireplace & Patio for all of their chimney repair services. Common types of chimney repairs that are needed include liner replacement and repair, mending leaks, and fixing or rebuilding damaged masonry. Homeowners recognize that they can rely on us for honest inspections and chimney repairs done right the first time.

leaky chimney repair in dubuque iaLeaky Chimney

Leaky chimneys are commonly experienced by homeowners in Dubuque IA and throughout the surround area. The source of a chimney leak is often the chimney flashing, which is vulnerable because the metal can rust and because a waterproof seal between the flashing and the chimney masonry is difficult to achieve. There are many other ways in which chimney leaks occur, and it is important to address the problem as early as possible, so that repair costs can be minimized.

Chimney Liner Experts

For safety reasons, it is essential that chimney liners are in good condition. When damage or deterioration occurs to a chimney liner, the home is at risk for a dangerous fire and exposure to toxic gases.

Annual chimney inspections are important for Dubuque, IA, residents largely because damaged chimney liners often go undetected, until cameras used during an inspection reveal the danger. Our chimney liner experts are trained to spot damage and then to repair or replace chimney liners.

Chimney Crowns

Moisture is the biggest threat to a chimney. During inspections in Dubuque IA, the chimney crown is carefully checked because it is one of the components of a chimney that helps to keep moisture out. A cracked chimney crown must be repaired, to prevent extensive chimney system damage caused by moisture. Our highly trained chimney experts provide chimney crown repair. For additional protection from damage caused by moisture, we frequently recommend waterproofing.

Chimney Caps Chase Tops

chimney cap and chimney rebuilding in dubuque iaA chimney cap or chimney chase top can protect your chimney from rain, snow, sleet, animals, birds, and debris. Our chimney experts can install chimney chase tops and chimney caps for Dubuque homeowners. Another of the benefits of these essential accessories is that a spark guard can be included, to prevent hot embers from causing a fire on the roof or igniting other nearby combustible materials. These chimney toppers also help to prevent downdrafts.

Chimney Rebuilding Restoration

Catching moisture damage early can reduce chimney repair costs for Dubuque IA homeowners. For instance, weak mortar that holds chimney masonry together can be removed and replaced in a tuckpointing procedure, which also provides renewed structural durability and strength.

If, however, moisture has entered the chimney system and caused damage to the masonry, chimney restoration and chimney rebuilding services become necessary. Repair of a chimney venting system should only be performed by chimney experts, since they are familiar with all aspects of chimney operation.

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