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Alert! Avoid These Chimney Cleaning Mistakes

A clean chimney is essential to maintain chimney safety, but many people make chimney cleaning mistakes to be avoided. The motivation for these inadvisable actions is often an attempt to cut the cost of professional services. Some people mistakenly believe that by using seasoned hardwoods, creosote is a minor problem. All things considered, qualified chimney […] Read more

Basic Tips for Fire Safety That Everyone Should Know

If you have a fireplace, keeping your home and family safe is an issue that should not be left to chance. Fire safety experts provide numerous tips that can help to ensure that enjoying home fires is a safe endeavor. A threat of potential danger exists no matter what type of fuel is used in […] Read more

Advice from the Pros about Chimney Leaks

A leaky chimney is not something you want to ignore, even for a short time. If the chimney is leaking, it means something has been damaged somewhere within the system. Here are some useful tips from chimney professionals on how to address, solve and prevent a leaky chimney. Why do chimneys leak? We usually refer […] Read more

Are Dampers and Flues the Same & Other Chimney Questions

Chimney experts are thoroughly familiar with common chimney questions people ask, such as, “Are dampers and flues the same thing?” Turns out, there are quite a few misunderstandings that people have about chimneys and fireplaces. Below, find answers to common questions about chimneys. Is There a Difference between Dampers and Flues? Yes, there is a […] Read more

Common Winter Chimney Problems

In frigid temperatures, plants are covered and pets are brought inside, but chimneys can’t escape their vulnerability to common winter problems. If you plan ahead, you can avoid being surprised by chimney vulnerabilities. Some foresight could save you time, money, & frustration. The following are common winter chimney problems with tips on addressing them or […] Read more

Are You Aware of These 4 Common Chimney Dangers?

A variety of things can happen to a chimney system to cause it to stop being beneficial to your home and turn into a serious danger. If you use a fireplace and chimney, here are four potential dangers to be aware of and how to prevent or remedy them. 1. Leaky chimney A chimney that […] Read more

Tips on Troubleshooting Fireplace Backdrafts

If you have a smoky fireplace that may also smell bad, something isn’t right and it’s time to start troubleshooting the cause of fireplace backdrafts. The way fireplaces and wood stoves are supposed to work is that the combustion gases go up and out of the chimney. Other than a problem with chimney construction, there […] Read more

Winterize Your Chimney & Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Warm fires in winter are always a pleasure and by winterizing your chimney, you can also enjoy improved energy efficiency in your home. The amount of heat provided by your fireplace or wood stove largely depends on the operation of your chimney. With a more efficient solid fuel heating appliance, you can enjoy lower winter […] Read more

Reasons to Add a Gas Fireplace to Your Home

Wood-burning fireplaces, long considered the traditional fireplace for centuries, are the centerpiece of many homes where families gather for warmth during the chilly winter months. However, that is beginning to change. With its cleaner-burning fuel, a strikingly authentic flame experience, and other convenient features, gas fireplaces are growing in popularity. Simpler to Operate Operating a […] Read more

The Effects of Common Chimney Issues

Lots of things can affect how safely and efficiently your chimney operates. Here are some of the more common chimney issues and their effects. Creosote in the flue Issue: Creosote builds up in your flue every time you burn a wood fire. It’s a byproduct of smoke-condensation. Creosote can be flakey, sticky or puffy; in […] Read more

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