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Fireplace Remodeling & Renovations

We are experts at all aspects of fireplace and stove installation and remodeling across Southwest Wisconsin, Southeast Iowa and Northwest Illinois. Our complete packages can include a new fireplace, stove or fireplace insert using wood, gas or pellet fuel technology. Upgrade your hearth area now with a beautiful surround, mantel and a new energy saving appliance.

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Fireplace Surround Remodel – Galena Territory IL

Chimney Specialists Remodeling Fireplace in Galena Territory IL  Our crews from Chimney Specialists worked on this project in Galena Territory Illinois. First, we removed an old wood burning fireplace and chimney system. Next, we reframed the fireplace support and insulated the fireplace chase. We proceeded by replacing the old fireplace with a Kozy Heat Bayport 36 gas burning fireplace. We installed the tile surround using Mini split face stone tiles. The Alder colored tile hearth extension was wood and looked like ceramic tile. A Shenandoah distressed with cherry stain was used for the mantel. [metaslider id=1098]

Fireplace Changeout – Darlington WI

Darlington WI Fireplace Reinstalling / Remodeling Our crews from Chimney Specialists worked on this project in Darlington Wisconsin. First, we removed a Napoleon gas fireplace that the builder didn’t install correctly during the home construction. The fireplace was sooting the outside of the house very badly and would soot the glass within a few days. With this in mind we removed the stone on the front of the fireplace along with the old unit. Next, we reframed the fireplace enclosure to fit the new Fireplace which was a Xtrordinaire 864 High output gas fireplace. A Iron works front and a Pearl mantel Shenandoah were installed with a custom colored Walnut stain and matte finish varnish. Lastly, we reinstalled the same type of stone and custom colored the mortar to match the existing stone work. [metaslider id=1028]

Fireplace Surround Remodel – Baraboo WI

Remodeling A Fireplace For Homeowner In Baraboo WI Our crews from Chimney Specialists worked on this project in Baraboo Wisconsin. We removed an old Heat-N-Glo EM-42 wood burning fireplace and installed a 36 Elite Fireplace Xtrodinaire wood burning fireplace. We also installed a new stone façade using Eldorado stone Shadow rock. Lastly, we installed a solid limestone hearth extension and limestone shelves for the homeowner to place memorabilia on. For the panel we used a Pearl mantel (Lindon style & Mission oak is the color). [metaslider id=1031]

Fireplace Install – Steuben WI

Steuben WI Custom Fireplace And Cabinet Our crews from Chimney Specialists worked on this project in Steuben Wisconsin near the Boscobel area.  We removed an old wood burning chimney and wood stove hearth pad.  We closed and shingled over the hole in the roof, patched the wooded box car siding on the ceiling, and matched the stain to blend with the original woodwork. Making a custom fabricated cabinet and tile, we fit an Ambiance Intrigue gas burning fireplace. We also installed the tile hearth extension and cut the old carpet. The new fireplace fit perfectly. [metaslider id=1027]

Fireplace Surround Remodel – Mt. Horeb WI

Remodeling To Create An Efficient Fireplace Mt. Horeb WI Our crews from Chimney Specialists worked on this project in Mt. Horeb Wisconsin.  We installed a charcoal colored Norstone. A soap stone hearth extension was also installed over the existing limestone to give the fireplace a more modern appearance. The custom cabinetry was done by another contractor. For the appliance a Lopi Freedom wood burning insert was installed which will turn their drafty old fireplace into an efficient heater. [metaslider id=1026]

Fireplace Surround Remodel – Prairie Du Chien WI

Remodeling Old Fireplace in Prairie Du Chien WI Our crews from Chimney Specialists worked on this project in Prairie Du Chien Wisconsin. This old wood burning fireplace was removed along with the old dated stone and chimney system. First framed closed and shingled over the old fireplace. Next, we installed a Kozy Heat Bayport 36 with an arched mission front. Lastly, we installed beautiful new Eldorado stone Mountain ledge panels (Russet color) with the walnut colored hearth stones. [metaslider id=1025]

Fireplace Surround Remodeling – McGregor IA

Complete Fireplace Remodeling Project In McGregor IA We completed this major fireplace remodeling project in McGregor, Iowa recently including installing a new 42” Ambiance Intrigue Gas Fireplace Insert with Craftsman style Burnished Copper Stoll Fireplace Doors. A custom surround was built using stacked faux stone by Eldorado and then finished off the project by adding custom oak cabinets with lights. [metaslider id=952]

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