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Fireplace Remodeling & Renovations

We are experts at all aspects of fireplace and stove installation and remodeling across Southwest Wisconsin, Southeast Iowa and Northwest Illinois. Our complete packages can include a new fireplace, stove or fireplace insert using wood, gas or pellet fuel technology. Upgrade your hearth area now with a beautiful surround, mantel and a new energy saving appliance.

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Stove Install – Dubuque IA

Dubuque IA Gas Burning Stove Installation In this project we installed a Lopi Berkshire in the livingroom/kitchen area to provide warmth and ambiance for this home owner.

Stove Install – Dubuque IA

Dubuque IA Stove Installation We installed a beautiful Lopi Berkshire in the new addition of this home just west of Dubuque, IA. The Lopi Berkshire features panes of glass so the fire can be enjoyed from the side as well as the front.

Fireplace Install – Galena IL

Galena IL Gas Burning Fireplace Install We installed a Fireplace Xtrordinair 4415 see through linear fireplace in Galena, Illinois. This fireplace will provide an abundance of heat as well as ambiance from any perspective.

Fireplace Insert Changeout – Argyle WI

Argyle WI Fireplace Insert Installation We removed and old inefficient wood burning fireplace insert and installed a very efficient Lopi Hybrid Fyre wood burning fireplace insert with a stainless steel liner system.

Chimney Repair – Dodgeville WI

Chimney Crown Repair In Dodgeville WI This project was completed in Dodgeville Wisconsin. The home owner was having and ongoing water problem around the chimney. They had the roof replaced and the flashing redone to no avail. We ground out all of the mortar joints and tuck pointed the entire chimney. We also installed a rock faced drip edge with a 304 alloy stainless steel top sealed down with an elastomeric polymer. We finished the project off with an application of a water repellent.

Fireplace Insert Install – Dubuque IA

Dubuque IA Fireplace Install We removed an old inefficient wood burning insert and installed a Lopi Radiant Plus large gas burning fireplace insert in Dubuque Iowa. Now the home owner can simply push a button to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of their fireplace.

Chimney Repair – Mineral Point WI

Mineral Point WI Chimney Repair This chimney was in need of repair in historic Mineral Point Wisconsin. The homeowner wanted to preserve the historic appearance of the original chimney. We replicated the corbels of the original chimney when we rebuilt the chimney. We also installed a stainless steel liner for the boiler system in the home and capped the chimney off with 304 stainless steel to prevent water infiltration.

Fireplace Surround Remodel – Boscobel WI

Boscobel WI Convert Wood Burning Fireplace New Gas Fireplace Our crews did a Complete Remodel on this one! The new owners did not like the existing “home-made” looking masonry fireplace, so we did a complete demo on everything first. Then we framed out the enclosure, added a Kozy Heat 41” Thief River Falls Gas Fireplace and finished off the surround using Stone Craft’s Wisconsin Heritage materials. The mantle was custom made and an Arched Mission Front was used. They loved it. [metaslider id="2383"]

Chimney Repair- Boscobel WI

Boscobel WI Chimney Remodeling Project We wrapped the entire chimney chase with Weather Guard Ice and water shield and then installed Mortairvent rain screen to create a ventilated wall system.  We installed expanded metal lathe over the Mortairvent rain screen and scratch coated the chimney chase with mortar to prepared the surface for the installation of manufactured stone.  We installed Eldorado Shadow Rock onto the chimney chase and capped off the chimney chase with a limestone drip edge and a 304 stainless steel alloy top sheet. [metaslider id="2040"]

Fireplace Changeout – Platteville WI

Platteville WI Mantel Remodeling Project We started by removing the existing mantel and old brass fireplace doors.  We installed a Fireplace Xtrodinair 34" gas burning fireplace insert with functional double doors.  The fireplace insert also had an Ember Fyre burner and a custom cut quilted fireback liner.  The fireplace brick protruded from the wall approximately 1" so we furred the wall out to be flush with the fireplace brick.  The homeowner asked us to delete the shadow box for the TV as well.  We fabricated door jamb extensions to match the depth of the fireplace brick because the wall was now be built out 1".  We prepared the floor to set the large one piece Crema Marfil marble hearth extension slab.  After the wall was sheet rocked, skim coated and painted we installed the door trim we custom made to match the existing trim in the house.  The Crema Marfil marble  hearth extension slab was then set flush into the floor.  The next step was to assemble the Crema Marfil marble mantel.  After the mantel was installed we installed the custom made base boards made to match the existing trim and painted it.  The last step was to clean up and give the marble a final polish. [metaslider id="2039"]

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