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Fireplace Remodeling & Renovations

We are experts at all aspects of fireplace and stove installation and remodeling across Southwest Wisconsin, Southeast Iowa and Northwest Illinois. Our complete packages can include a new fireplace, stove or fireplace insert using wood, gas or pellet fuel technology. Upgrade your hearth area now with a beautiful surround, mantel and a new energy saving appliance.

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Fireplace Changeout – Galena IL

Galena IL Gas Burning Fireplace Install This Lopi Radiant Plus gas burning fireplace insert was installed into a factory built wood burning fireplace.

Fireplace Changeout – Verona WI

Verona WI Fireplace Install We removed the existing factory-built wood-burning fireplace and chimney system from this house. After we had all of the old components out of the wat we installed a Fireplace Xtrordinair 564 gas burning fireplace inside the existing brick opening and direct vent system. We custom fabricated a steel closure plate to fit the existing brick opening and installed the functional fireplace doors. Everything was completed in 2 days all without disturbing the brickwork at all to make this fireplace look like it was built in from day one.

Fireplace Insert Changeout – Boscobel WI

Boscobel WI Gas Burning Insert Install We installed a Lopi Radiant gas fireplace insert Plus with the Times Square face to make this cold drafty old fireplace warm and cozy.

Chimney Repair – Lancaster WI

Lancaster WI Leaning Chimney Repair This old chimney was leaning dangerously over this home owners roof. We removed the chimney down to the roofline and rebuilt it using concrete chimney block. We also instastalled a stainless steel liner to vent the fuel oil fired furnace and installed a chimney brace system.

Stove Changeout – Madison WI

Madison WI Stove Changeout We removed this old Ben Franklin wood stove and updated it with a Lopi Berkshire gas burning stove.

Stove Install – Cassville WI

Cassville WI Wood Stove Install We installed this Avalon Pendleton into an alcove. We also installed a through the wall insulated chimney system to complete this project near Casseville, WI.

Stove Changeout – Sherrill IA

Sherrill IA Gas Burning Stove Install We removed the tired old Vermont castings wood stove and replaced it with a Kozyheat Birchwood gas burning stove. Now the home owner can enjoy a fire anytime with the push of a button.

Stove Install – Onslow IA

Onslow IA Wood Burning Stove Install We installed a Blazeking Sirocco wood burning stove and chimney system in this home. The Blazeking woodstoves have very long burn times and are extremely efficient.

Fireplace Insert Install – Mt. Horeb WI

Mt. Horeb WI Gas Fireplace Insert Install We converted this wood burning fireplace to a Lopi Radiant Plus gas insert. We custom cut the Universal style face plate to fit inside the brick opening. The insert was equipped with a remote control and convection blower.

Fireplace Insert Changeout – Lyndon Station WI

Lyndon Station WI Gas Fireplace Insert Installation We converted this old & cold wood burning fireplace near Lyndon Station to a Lopi Radiant Plus gas fireplace insert. We finished it off with a custom fit steel surround and a designer screen front.

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