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Benefits of a Multi-Sided Fireplace

multi-sided fireplacesA beautiful fireplace will add character, charm and sophistication to a home. And thanks to new technology that makes fireplaces safer and more efficient, designers are breaking the traditional limitations with the emergence of double-sided, triple-sided and even four-sided fireplaces. These attractive multi-sided fireplaces are available in a range of styles and sizes giving new dimension to any living space.

Traditionally, wood-burning fireplaces are built into an exterior-facing wall and require plenty of space and venting. But these new multi-sided fireplaces are not only safer but are more efficient allowing for more attractive and space-saving fireplaces to be installed in areas that were previously considered off-limits. Since they don’t have the space limitations of a traditional fireplace, they can be built into an interior wall allowing heat and viewing from two rooms at the same time.

Cost and Space Savings

Multi-sided fireplaces can be installed practically anywhere in the home. It eliminates the need to install a fireplace or supplemental heating in every room. A double-sided fireplace can be installed in the center of an interior wall that divides two rooms, for example. Another option where space is limited is to install a multi-side fireplace on the edge of an interior or dividing wall for a triple-sided floating fireplace affect that projects the heat and flames on three sides. This is a great energy-saving solution for homes, condos and open floor plans.

They are a Convenient Heating Option

Multi-sided fireplaces are a convenient source of alternative heat that provides an authentic fire-burning experience. They are available in both vented and vent free models with your choice of fuel, including wood, gas, pellet and electric. Some models feature remote operation allowing you to control the temperature, flames and other options from anywhere in the home.

An Interior and Exterior Heating Solution

Many homeowners don’t use their patio during the winter. But installing a double-sided fireplace on a wall shared by the living room and the patio allows homeowners to stay warm and enjoy their outdoor patio all year long. Dazzle your guests with an authentic fireplace experience or simply relax in the fresh air and curl up with a good book.

multi-sided fireplacesUnlimited Attractive Designs

We offer multi-sided fireplaces in a wide range of attractive styles and sizes that will complement any home. Whether you want the traditional appearance of a wood-burning fireplace, or a sleek modern style, the various shapes, sizes, materials, textures, and colors available will enable us to create your desired fireplace appearance.

Multi-sided fireplaces are an unbeatable addition to any home. They have a unique appearance, are convenient, and provide an affordable heating option for your home. We can help you choose the design that best fits your needs and personal taste.

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