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Should I Be Using My Fireplace in The Summer?

Fireplaces are warm, cozy, and relaxing. They provide heat when it’s cold outside and comfort when we want to unwind from a long day. However, most of us only use our fireplaces during the colder months, peaking in the winter and tapering off as spring comes. What about during the warmer months? Should you be using your fireplace in the summer? And if not, what should you do with it during the off-season?

Fireplace Installation Dyersville, IAShould I be using my fireplace in the summer?

Iowa temperatures start to rise significantly in late May with average recorded highs in the mid-90s during the summer months. That being said, there are times when our temperatures are unseasonably cool. Nothing is stopping you from using it on a cooler evening. Should you use your fireplace during the summer? The answer is closer to “if you want” rather than a solid yes or no. So, if you choose not to use it, what should you do with your fireplace during the summer?

Have it swept and inspected

While you may have been using your fireplace just a few months ago, that doesn’t mean it’s safe to use this fall. Throughout the season, a byproduct known as creosote can build up along the inside of your flue liner. This sticky, tar-like substance can be flammable, so it’s always a good idea to have your Dubuque Fireplace and Patio technician remove it for you during an annual summertime sweep and inspection. During this visit, they can also review your chimney’s structural integrity, ensure your damper is working properly, and that there is no damage to your crown or cap. Finally, they can make recommendations if your brick and mortar require tuckpointing or repointing.

Perform a deep clean inside and out

Another off-season use for your fireplace is to perform a deep clean. Start by removing the ashes with a shovel and then vacuum the remnants. Then, put on a pair of rubber gloves and, using an all-purpose cleaner, scrub the hearth and fireplace face. Next, apply a layer of a more concentrated soap on any areas that refuse to come clean, allowing it to penetrate the material for 30 to 60 minutes. Finally, scrub this area to remove any remaining unsightly stains.

Decorate it for the season or summertime holidays

Many of us like to decorate our fireplaces for the winter holidays. We use it to accent our living room decorations, whether we’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa.  There are also several holidays in the summer months, including the Fourth of July. Although most of us don’t decorate as much for these holidays, you can easily use your fireplace as a focal point to celebrate the freedom we have in this country.

Chimney Sweep and inspection Galena ILFireplace maintenance in the summer

Regardless of your choice in decor or whether you use your fireplace on the occasional cold evening, the summer months are the best time for your annual sweep and inspection.

Our trained team of technicians will gladly make certain that your chimney is prepared for the next time you light a fire.

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