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The marked vehicles for Dubuque Fireplace & Patio often travel on U.S. 151 BUS, Lancaster Street, S Chestnut Street, and Madison Street as our chimney professionals provide chimney services in Platteville WI. Our NFI-certified chimney experts can provide new hearth installations and offer the full range of chimney sweep services. Many Platteville WI homeowners rely on us for chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, masonry repair, chimney liner replacement, chimney cap installation, and much more.

professional chimney sweep in Platteville WI

Chimney Sweep

Our trusted chimney sweep services help give Platteville WI homeowners peace of mind.

The NFI-certified technicians at Dubuque Fireplace & Patio have the training and expertise to provide the best in chimney sweep services. Lack of chimney cleaning is the cause of hundreds of home fires every year. Flammable creosote is a substance that sticks to chimney liners as combustion materials go up the chimney.

With every wood fire, more creosote is deposited in the liner. The risk of hazardous chimney fires increases with a heavy presence of creosote, and the flue can become obstructed, as well.

The blockage results in toxic fumes entering the home instead of being carried out through the chimney.

Chimney Masonry Repair in Platteville, WI

Platteville WI Chimney Masonry Repair

Chimneys are relentlessly exposed to moisture and extreme conditions such as lightning strikes. Chimney masonry repairs are often needed due to cracks caused by house foundation settling, as well. Wear and tear alone can result in deterioration.

One type of masonry repair we commonly provide is tuckpointing, which is needed when mortar begins to crumble and flake off. Tuckpointing is a procedure in which old mortar is removed and then replaced with new mortar, and one result is that the chimney gains renewed structural strength.

As long as a chimney doesn’t have existing moisture infiltration in the masonry, we can apply a coating of waterproofing material to help prevent water damage from occurring.

Chimney Liner Repair & Install in Platteville, WI

Chimney Liner

If a chimney liner has a small crack or other damage, chimney liner repair or replacement is needed.

We care about our Platteville WI customers and will take the time to explain the importance of a sound chimney liner whenever the need arises. A damaged chimney liner means that the home is at risk of a dangerous chimney fire that could result in a potentially deadly home fire.

A breach in a chimney liner also means toxic combustion fumes will enter the home and threaten the safety of its occupants.

We can install flexible metal chimney liners as well as cast-in-place Ahren’s chimney liner systems.

Chimney Chase Cover Repair & Installation in Platteville, WI

Chimney Chase & Caps Platteville WI

A chimney chase cover is needed to keep moisture, debris, and animals from getting into factory-built chimneys.

On masonry chimneys, chimney caps provide the same functions. Our chimney sweeps can provide chimney chase and chimney cap repairs on some components of the appliances. If a replacement is needed, we offer installation services, as well.

Instead of a simple chimney cap installed at the top of a flue, we always recommend that homeowners go with a full hip-and-ridge custom chimney cap, which securely and completely covers the tops of masonry chimneys.

Chimney Inspectio

Chimney Inspections

One of the most important things our Platteville WI customers do for hearth safety is schedule annual chimney inspections, as recommended by all leading fire safety experts. It’s rarely easy to spot chimney damage from a distance.

Oftentimes, homeowners only find out about a chimney leak after extensive damage has occurred. With a yearly inspection, all issues that arise can be handled in the early stages. This greatly reduces the overall cost of chimney upkeep.

There are three levels of chimney inspections, and a special video camera is used to carefully check the full length and breadth of chimney liners for damage in all but the basic inspection level.

Chimney Rebuilding Professionals in Platteville, WI

Platteville WI Chimney Rebuilding

Anytime partial or complete chimney rebuilding is needed, it is important to hire masonry professionals like our qualified chimney technicians. In Platteville WI, chimney rebuilding is often needed because moisture has infiltrated the masonry.

With every freeze and thaw cycle in winter, the water in bricks expands and contracts, which gradually destroys the masonry.

If your chimney has begun to crack, crumble, and maybe even start leaning, be sure to contact Dubuque Fireplace & Patio without delay for the best chimney rebuilding services.

If you have other questions about any of our products or services, please feel free to give us a call at (563) 582-5156 or fill out our online contact form and an expert team member will promptly reach out to you!

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