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Keeping Your Fireplace Danger-Free

It’s smart to look at a fireplace and see more than just the potential for a lifetime of moments with loved ones next to a cozy fire in winter. Fireplace and chimney systems are fraught with potential dangers! There is nothing to worry about, however, as long as you schedule annual chimney inspections, get needed chimney repairs taken care of, and get your chimney cleaned regularly. Learn more about how expert chimney technicians help to ensure that your fireplace is danger-free.

Fireplace Cleaning, Dubuque IAWhy Fireplace Cleaning is Essential

Chimney technicians have the skills and equipment to clean your chimney properly while protecting your home from the mess that falls into the fireplace during the cleaning process. If you burn firewood in your fireplace, cleaning is especially important. That’s because a highly flammable substance called “creosote” is deposited in the chimney lining each time there is a fire. Creosote continues to build up within the chimney liner walls until the chimney is cleaned. The following are some of the effects of professional chimney cleaning:

  • Excess creosote in a chimney increases the possibility of chimney fires. Every year, deadly house fires start with a chimney fire. As the creosote in a chimney liner continually feeds the chimney fire, the heat becomes increasingly intense, eventually destroying the chimney liner and then causing the house to catch fire.
  • When creosote is allowed to build up to the point that the chimney flue becomes blocked, the toxic combustion gases from fires go back into the home. Among those gases is carbon monoxide, which is deadly. Because it is tasteless, odorless, invisible, and symptomless, carbon monoxide leaks are not usually detected until it’s too late for a safe escape. Ensuring that you have a working carbon monoxide detector whenever your fireplace is used an essential step in safety. 

When Fireplace Repair is Important

Fireplace cleaning isn’t all that’s needed to keep a fireplace and chimney system danger-free. Repair is sometimes necessary. On the chimney exterior, if moisture gets in, failing to get repairs done can result in costly chimney leaks and a hazardous situation. In the chimney liner and firebox, dangers are potentially lurking, and the types of repairs needed are major safety issues.

  • Bricks are highly vulnerable to moisture. If water gets into the masonry, one of the results is that the water freezes and thaws in winter. The movement causes deterioration. The bricks begin to break apart. A chimney can begin leaning and will ultimately collapse unless repairs are made.
  • Both the chimney liner and the firebox protect the home from two dangers. First, if there is a crack in either, intense heat can get to combustible materials in the home, leading eventually to a highly dangerous house fire. Secondly, toxic fumes can leak into a home because of flue or firebox damage. Repairs to liners and fireboxes must be made before using the fireplace again.

Fireplace, Dubuque IAContact Chimney Experts at Dubuque Fireplace & Heating

Is it time for you to schedule chimney and fireplace maintenance? Keep your home and family safe by calling the NFI-certified chimney experts at Dubuque Fireplace & Heating. We perform chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney repairs, maintenance, and all needs related to your chimney and fireplace. See the contact information below and let us hear from you today.


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