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Installing Fireplace Inserts: An Easy Way to Switch to Gas

Gas Fireplace Insert In Apple Canyon ILBusy families sometimes avoid the hassles involved with using their wood-burning heating appliances. Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, are popular with families on the go. What’s exciting is that traditional wood fireplaces can often be converted to a gas fireplace insert. With the ease of pushing a button on a remote control, you could get the flames in your new gas fireplace insert started. Read on to learn more about gas fireplace inserts.

Gas Fireplace Insert?

A gas insert is a retrofitted wood-burning fireplace that is fueled with gas. The insert is a metal box built especially for installation inside a particular fireplace. Gas inserts produce a lot of radiant heat and are used as supplemental heat sources that help lower heating costs. Inserts heat the area between the inner box and the outer fireplace, and the heated air is emitted from the firebox.

Low-Cost Maintenance

Gas fireplaces are easy to maintain, especially compared to wood-fueled fireplaces. An annual inspection is needed to ensure that components of a gas fireplace are still in good working order. It’s common for dust to clog various components. The entire process and associated issues are nothing compared to the creosote buildup that must be removed routinely from chimneys connected to wood-burning fireplaces.


Gas Fireplace Insert Installation in Dyersville, IAAll the steps involved with lighting a wood fire are labor-intensive compared to flipping a switch to light a gas fireplace. With gas, there are no trees to cut, no logs to haul or split, and no critters hidden in firewood to bring into the home. Simply turn the flames on and off with greater ease than snapping your fingers.

Cleaner Air

It’s not unusual for homeowners with wood-burning fireplaces to deal with toxic gases in the home. There are many different reasons a fireplace may be smoky, and the combustion gases are dangerous. Anyone with respiratory problems may suffer irritations caused by using a wood-fueled fireplace. When you switch from a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace insert, the air quality in your home will improve.


If the gas fireplace insert is vented through the chimney, there’s no longer the problem of creosote clinging to the flue liner. Creosote is the most common cause of a smoky chimney. It’s likely that a well-maintained gas fireplace insert will have no issues regarding the draft or gases getting into the home.

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