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Handling Multiple Estimates for Chimney Service & Repair

Chimney Inspection in Dubuque, IAWhen you request estimates for needed chimney repair, it’s important to understand that choosing the cheapest bid isn’t necessarily the best option. Chimney scams are common occurrences, and the way scammers get their foot in the door is with a low bid. Legitimate chimney sweep companies can also have bids that differ significantly, which can be confusing. There is a way to be confident that you are dealing with an honest chimney sweep company and will get a fair estimate. Simply look for a company with chimney sweeps certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI).

NFI Certified

When chimney professionals are NFI-certified, it means they have been through extensive training. They have also passed exams, to confirm their expertise. These are serious professionals who can perform chimney work efficiently. An NFI certification is an industry standard.

Why are Chimney Scammers so Common?

The chimney industry isn’t regulated by the government, which makes it easier for people with unscrupulous intentions to use chimney services as a front. Typically, people aiming to pull a con will give a very low bid for chimney cleaning repair to win a new customer—more like a new target. They will then falsely report that serious repairs are needed and will often use scare tactics or strong-arm tactics to get homeowners to pay a large upfront deposit for major chimney repairs. Sometimes the frauds take the money and run and sometimes they make it appear they have been doing repairs but, actually, they don’t know what they’re doing. Obviously, it’s possible they could do more harm than good to your chimney while taking your money on false pretenses.

What to Expect from Legitimate Chimney Sweeps

Chimney Sweep in Apple Canyon, ILIndustry professionals typically wear uniforms and arrive in marked company vehicles. They follow the industry standard of providing documentation to support estimates. You will be provided with photographs of your chimney’s damage, or you may be shown a video of the inside of your chimney liner. The technician will explain what the problem is, the level of urgency to get the repairs done, why repairs are needed, and how the issue will be fixed.

 Chimney Inspection

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are the leading safety experts in the chimney industry. Both organizations agree that annual chimney inspections are essential for safety. All details of the three levels of chimney inspections are available on the CSIA website. The technicians look for any type of obstruction in the chimney flue. Exterior bricks and mortar joints on the chimney stack are examined thoroughly for any signs of water penetration. Most chimney damage is caused by moisture. If repairs aren’t made to masonry, the chimney could begin leaning and could eventually collapse.

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The certified chimney sweeps at Dubuque Fireplace & Patio will provide you with an honest estimate for any chimney repairs that might be needed. We are devoted to the safety of our customers, and we can be relied upon for excellent work and honest bids. Give us a call at (563) 582-5156 today for more information. Find additional contact information below.

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