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Great Reasons to Upgrade to a Linear Fireplace This Fall

Linear fireplacesA linear fireplace may be the perfect addition to your home for the fall and winter seasons for a number of great reasons. The more you know about these heating appliances, the more convinced you will surely be that linear fireplace installation is something to schedule without delay. Just imagine all the pleasures and ambiance of an old-fashioned fireplace but with a modern, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and low-maintenance twist. These are all real benefits within your grasp. Learn more below.

Modern Linear Fireplaces

When linear fireplaces came along, they changed the possibilities of how elegant, sleek, and stylish a fireplace can really be. There is very little resemblance between a linear fireplace and a bulky traditional masonry fireplace. For homeowners who prefer elegance and modern design, linear fireplaces are perfect. The flames in a linear fireplace can dance over colored glass, rocks, or glowing embers. Because these rectangular fireplaces can be very long or installed in a wall at any height or open to two rooms, they bring a modern artistic quality to any home.

The Convenience of Linear Fireplaces

Multiple steps are involved with preparing the fuel for wood fires, getting fires started, keeping fires going, and maintaining the wood fireplace and chimney. Linear fireplaces, on the other hand, offer complete ease of use and maintenance. Getting the flames started and extinguished are effortless actions requiring only the touch of a remote control. There is no ash to clean up, and no chimney is required. Annual inspections are recommended for all fireplaces, whether fueled by gas or wood. Cleaning is typically only needed for chimneys that vent fumes from wood fires.

Multiple-Room Linear Fireplace Installation for Zone Heating

Multiple Room Linear FireplaceBecause linear fireplaces are safe to install next to combustible materials, these modern fireplaces can be installed in virtually any room of the home. You can significantly cut heating costs during the cold months if you have a linear fireplace installed in multiple rooms and heat only the room you’re in. Imagine how efficient home heating would be if you could cut off the central heating system and turn on a linear fireplace in whatever room you’re in. You can schedule linear fireplace installation in bedrooms, the kitchen, entryways, bathrooms, game rooms, and rooms in your basement.

Direct-vent linear fireplaces can be vented directly through the nearest exterior wall, which means that installation costs are much lower with a linear fireplace as compared with a wood-burning fireplace.

Environmentally Friendly Fireplaces

Natural gas burns cleaner than wood, which means that less particulate matter is released into the air if you have a linear fireplace. These modern gas heating appliances provide significant heat, with efficiency ratings of up to 85%. Fireplaces are regulated by the EPA, which means that when you buy a modern linear fireplace, you can be confident that it is highly efficient.

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