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Gas Grill Maintenance and Cleaning Schedule

Regret is as unpleasant as over-charred rib-eye steaks, so you should know that your gas grill’s performance could diminish over time if it isn’t maintained properly. Confidently look forward to every great season of optimal grilling with routine gas grill maintenance and cleaning. What could go wrong if you skip gas grill upkeep? The lifespan of your gas grill could be shortened, the burners could get clogged and create the threat of small fires, and rust could eat away at your grill and its once-fine appearance. The following checklist for properly maintaining a gas grill is likely all you need. However, it’s best to check the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure of the right steps in gas grill maintenance. Refer to the checklist for each use of your gas grill, every 10 cookouts, and annual gas grill maintenance.

Every-Use Gas Grill Checklist

○ Preheat the grill completely to help with the cleaning and disinfecting of your gas grill.

○ Remove residue using a stiff wire brush to ensure a clean cooking surface.

○ After all of the food has been removed, turn the grill to maximum heat. This burns off grease and drippings from your grill.

○ Once the grill has cooled down, close the cover. Gas Grill Myth Buster:
Keeping the grill covered when not in use does not cause rusting.

Every-10-Cookouts Gas Grill Checklist

○ Remove the cooking grates and clean both sides of each grate.

○ While the grates are out of the way, clean off the metal components below the grates and above the burners.

○ Brush debris out of the inside of the grill into the drip pan below.

○ Replace or clean the grease drip pan.

○ Put everything back in place and start up the grill. Heat it up for approximately 10 minutes or until there is little to no smoke coming out of the grill.

Annual Gas Grill Maintenance Checklist

The steps below should be performed twice yearly if you grill more often than once per week.

○ Remove the cooking grates and give them a long soak in soapy, hot water.

○ Remove the barriers in the grill and soak them in hot, soapy water, too.

○ Brush out the grill’s interior thoroughly. The greasy accumulation can stay because it serves as a layer of protection
on the metal.

○ With your gas grill emptied of the various components, fire it up briefly to check how the flame is coming from the

○ Uneven flames are an indication that you also need to clean out the burners. Steps on how to clean out the burners

  • Remove the burners that are producing uneven flames from the grill
  • Push a pipe cleaner or small wire through the ports
  • Gently tap the burners with the open end down so that debris inside is removed
  • Briefly fire up the grill for another check and, as needed, again clean the burners

○ Clean or replace the grease drip pan.

○ As the grates and barrier are still soaking,
wash the exterior of your gas grill similar to the way a car is hand-

○ Thoroughly wash and scrub off the grates
and barriers and put your gas grill back together.

○ Fire up the grill and heat it up to dry up all internal parts.

○ If your gas grill is going into hibernation till the next grilling season:

  • Louisiana Grills Dyersville, IAClose and disconnect or remove the gas supply
  • Place the propane tank in a safe, ventilated area, if applicable
  • Cover the grill and place it under shelter

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