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Intriguing Firewood Storage Ideas that Look Good All Year Round

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your fireplace as a focal point, you may want to upgrade indoor firewood storage. The natural beauty of cut wood brings an outdoorsy feel to the home, and some of the options for displaying firewood add a touch of elegance, as well. Indoor firewood storage can be creative, artistic, and unforgettably intriguing. The following are a few of the great options for firewood storage that’ll provide eye-catching appeal all year.

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Built-in Storage

With the sleek look of linear fireplaces, built-in storage units for firewood are an ideal fit, style-wise. There are many different ways to create stunning effect, including the following:

  • Create floor-to-ceiling vertical storage at a width that matches the height of the linear fireplace. Fill the entire space with cut logs that are all of the same precise length.
  • For a firewood storage built-in that offers a surprise element, tuck the firewood in a narrow, closet-like niche at the end of the wall where the fireplace is on display about 3 feet off the ground.
  • Under-Seating Storage
  • ·Add a wide stone or cement bench for sitting all around your gas fireplace and extend it across the length of the wall. Store precision-cut firewood in the open area underneath the seating and fireplace.
  • Similar to above-described under-seat storage, a built-in open area underneath an expansive wood-burning fireplace with a concrete façade sets a warm, rustic tone with a bold flair.

A Fireplace Rack

  • In lieu of adding a new built-in storage area to your home, you can add a stylish fireplace rack that allows you to create a vertical stack of logs extending higher than the mantel.
  • A few feet away from an enclosed floor-to-ceiling modern wood-burning fireplace with a large, hinged glass door, have a narrow firewood rack attached to the wall that also goes to the ceiling. Store kindling in the narrow space. The overall look provides simple, clean, lines with a cozy yet minimalist feel.
  • Next to a sleek, black, modern fireplace that carries the black front of the fireplace up to the ceiling, place a log rack that’s about 4 feet high. The black log rack is open at the top and has two solid metal sides plus the solid metal bottom. Set against a white wall, the rectangular shapes create nice symmetry.

Built-in Cabinets

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Beside a modern wood-burning fireplace, stack pieces of cut firewood in a unit the full length of the wall that has eight rectangular shelves. It’s a practical storage unit with a traditional feel that contrasts nicely with the sleekness of the unique fireplace.

A Metal Bookcase

For an outstanding firewood display, use a unique round metal bookcase that has one very large opening on the right and a divider the full length of the circle vertically. On the narrower left side are three sections where you place three separate groupings of fire-building supplies. In the top section store kindling. In the middle, keep stacks of newspaper for tinder. On the bottom, add an intriguing collection of wood of a different sort that’s also suitable for kindling. On the right, stack large pieces of firewood.

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