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Tips to Give Your Fireplace a Summertime Makeover

Fireplace makeoverThe only thing some folks miss about winter months is the ambiance created by a fireplace. Minus the crackling fire and the pleasant aroma of wood, everyone knows a fireplace doesn’t have the same charm. With a fresh fireplace summer makeover, however, you can enjoy your home’s most stunning architectural feature year-around. There are many ways to decorate a fireplace or give it a complete uplift, and the following are a few ideas:

Create Beach Vibes

Add an assortment of themed adornments to your mantel that will make you think of oceanside fires at night and fun in the water during the daytime. You may add some small, handcrafted fabric sailboats, greenery that evokes seaweed, blue glass, and a natural wood element to create the seaside vibes.


Charming Hearth Design

With a good eye for design, you can bring your unused hearth to life in summer in many creative ways. Place a wide wicker picnic box inside your clean fireplace with a wooden old-fashioned crate for soda pops on top. For a final layer, top it off with another retro crate containing live plants.

Ornate Fireplace Screen

A fireplace upgrade for summer can be as easy as buying a beautiful fireplace screen. Countless styles are available. For example, a fireplace screen may be made of decorative iron or display colorful tiles with a mosaic design. For an added touch, you could coordinate the hearth with the room by adding plants in pots that match the colors and designs in surrounding décor.

Go Green

Make your fireplace unrecognizable in summer. Turn the hearth into an indoor garden area. Place plants of various sizes on the hearth, including a couple of large plants. Add a breezy painting and more plants to the mantel, and your go-green makeover is complete.

Get a Permanent Fireplace Makeover

An exciting thing to do with your fireplace in summer is to give it a complete makeover. At Dubuque Fireplace and Patio, we can remodel, reframe, renovate, or insulate your fireplace and create the new look you envision. Creating realistic faux stone is a craft that Eldorado Stone has been refining for more than four decades. They offer beautiful options in fireplace surrounds. Norstone offers stacked stone veneer wall panels that can be used to create a gorgeous rock fireplace in a variety of styles. Their rock panel collection includes stylings with Charcoal tones, mellow shades of Ivory quartz, contemporary-looking White Quartz, and rustic Ochre Blend.

mantle makeoverWith a genuine makeover, the possibilities are endless and include:

  • Enlarge your hearth area.
  • Modernize your fireplace using marble, granite, or another elegant finish, such as exotic tile.
  • Reduce the size of your fireplace, if it is claiming too much wall space.

New Fireplaces at Dubuque Fireplace & Heating

If you have a new fireplace installed in summer, you’ll have a beautiful new addition to your home and the anticipation of coming winter. We have a showroom with many fireplace models on display at Dubuque Fireplace & Heating. Visit or call us today; contact information is below.

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