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Essential Considerations When Choosing a Home Fireplace

New Construction Fireplace ConsiderationsAre you in the process of building a home with a fireplace, or have you decided to add a fireplace to your existing residence? To avoid a costly error, it’s vital to consider certain things before making a final decision on your fireplace. With the following information, you can make sure you have a fireplace ideally suited to you and your home.

Building and Safety Codes

The building and safety codes that apply where you live are partly a matter of local government, though some federal guidelines apply to fireplaces. Make certain the fireplace you plan to install meets government requirements. Otherwise, you could face some unexpected expenses, in addition to fines and headaches.



Fuel Type

You have several options as far as the type of fuel used in your new fireplace. Each has its benefits. Take the time needed to choose the fuel type that best fits your needs and your lifestyle as you choose between wood, gas, pellet, and electric fireplaces.

Wood, which can be the least expensive but also the most work. Logs need to be chopped, stacked, and stored while they dry out. Wood fires create highly flammable debris in chimney flues. Routine cleaning is essential, as a way to minimize the chances of a dangerous chimney fire.

Gas is an excellent fuel choice for fireplaces when convenience is important. The most practical fireplaces and stoves for zone heating are fueled by gas because the heat can be turned on and off with the push of a button. If your home doesn’t already have a gas line, the cost of adding a gas fireplace may be prohibitive.

Pellets fuel pellet fireplaces, which are the best options when you want the most efficient and eco-friendly heating appliance available. Pour pellets into the hopper and enjoy many hours of hands-free heating that can keep large areas of your home toasty warm. One of the downsides of pellet fireplaces is that they require electricity to operate and would, therefore, require a backup energy system to provide heat during a winter blackout.

An electric fireplace may be a good choice, if you like the idea of a fireplace but don’t desire to use it as a primary heat source. All you need to do is plug it in, and an electric unit can provide both warmth and a semblance of a cozy fireplace or just the faux ambiance without the heat.


Fireplace Considerations
Fireplaces are available in a wide range of sizes. Your ability to get maximum enjoyment out of your fireplace largely depends upon choosing the correct size for the space where it will be installed. If a fireplace is too large, for example, using the fireplace efficiently would make the area uncomfortably hot. The alternative is to maintain a weak fire that creates more creosote and pollution while providing an inadequate amount of heat. Chimney and fireplace experts can help ensure that you buy a fireplace of the correct size.


If your home is being built and fireplace quality is crucial to you, be sure to work with your builder. It’s typical for builders to cut their costs and increase their profit by purchasing less expensive fireplace, hearth, and chimney components. A mantel is another aspect of fireplace design to consider, though it’s normal today for a fireplace not to have a mantel, particularly for contemporary styles. Linear fireplaces have added an entirely new aesthetic to these well-loved appliances. The options for design are practically limitless, with affordable mantelpieces using beautiful faux materials mimicking high-dollar fireplaces found only in the finest homes.

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