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Top Tips For Choosing a Grill

As spring gives way to the warmer days and longer nights of summer, many people’s thoughts inevitably turn to one of the ultimate summer past times. No, we aren’t talking about NASCAR or baseball( though either option is a pretty great way to spend a summer afternoon!). Today, we are focusing on grilling and wanted to share the ultimate guide to choosing a grill.

Buy a Grill Dubuque, IAGetting started choosing a grill

When you decide to replace your old backyard grill or are buying for the first time, you have countless questions. And equally, you have just as many options to pick from.

Many choose to crowdsource at this point, asking friends and family for their recommendations or posting the question to their social media profiles.

This can quickly get overwhelming though as everyone has a reason why theirs is the best. Instead, let’s start with three considerations to keep in mind: fuel type, size, and accessories.

Choosing a grill based on fuel type

First, you need to choose your fuel. Are you looking for a gas, charcoal, or pellet grill? The answer to this will depend largely on what you are used to using already, what kind of grilling you plan to do, and what level of convenience you are looking for.

Gas Grills

A gas grill is by far the most convenient option as you simply turn it on and go. You will need to refill or replace the propane tank occasionally. Of course, if you have a built-in set up this is taken care of by being tapped directly into your natural gas line. Gas grills heat evenly and can be used for both indirect and direct over-the-heat cooking.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills require a little more prep work. You need to have good airflow for the fire to burn properly. Also, having a way to safely add more coals is beneficial to keeping the grill heated evenly. Charcoal grills, however, are that traditional “fresh off the grill” image everyone thinks of when you mention grilling. Plus with the flavor and smokiness, you may find the increased effort is worth the reward.

Pellet grills

Pellet grills are billed as the “hybrid” option, combining the ease of use that gas grills provide with the customization that comes from using a charcoal one. The pellets that are used to cook your food come in a variety of smoke “flavors” — plus options so you can make it your own.

Black Label Series Grill Galena, ILChoosing the right size of grill

Once you’ve decided on your fuel type you need to decide what size grill you will need. Are you mostly cooking for yourself or a small family a few nights a week? Or will your backyard be the designated hangout spot, regularly hosting parties for your entire neighborhood?

These answers will heavily influence your grill size needs. A small gas grill can hold up to 18 burger patties while a large grill can hold 28 or more. Pellet grills, like those made by Louisiana Grills and sold in our Dubuque Fireplace & Patio showroom, come in multiple sizes. This allows you to pick the exact size that’s best for you.

Grill Accessories

In addition, different grills come with various accessories and features. Choose a model with wheels if you plan to move the grill around your yard or patio. If you want to be able to cook your entire meal outdoors, look for a model that includes a side burner. Or, if you like to have the latest and greatest in SMART technology, try a grill model that offers an accompanying app that monitors everything from grill temperature to your foods’ internal temperature to timer control and more.

Enhance your grilling experience with Dubuque Fireplace & Patio

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