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What You Need To Know About Chimney Brick Repair

Have you noticed any problems with the brick-and-mortar that makes up your chimney? Perhaps some staining is evident along the side of your masonry? Or maybe there are obvious cracks and gaps? Perhaps you’re even missing a few bricks. Do these problems mean you need to completely rebuild your chimney? Here are the things you need to know about chimney brick repair.

Tuckpointing Masonry repair in Apple Canyon ILCan a contractor repair masonry?

First things first: can a contractor repair brick and mortar? In a word, yes. Just because you have one problem with your chimney doesn’t mean you have to tear the whole thing down and start over. When your Dubuque Fireplace & Patio technician visits your home, they’ll work with you to develop the most comprehensive and effective solution for your situation. Only in cases where the chimney is no longer structurally sound will you need to consider a complete rebuild. In most situations, you’ll want to take a scalpel approach to chimney brick repair.

What materials do contractors use in chimney brick repair?

This precision-based approach means that there are several universal materials your technician will use during your project. In no particular order, those are:

• Masonry materials, such as brick and mortar;
• Materials used to repair your crown, such as concrete;
• Metal, if replacing an aluminum flue, and;
• Ceramic tile, if replacing flue tiles near the top of your chimney.

The four most common types of chimney brick repair

So what are the most common types of chimney brick repair? Perhaps the most obvious and easiest to fix is cracked brick or mortar. This may simply require some basic tuckpointing of your mortar.

The second most common chimney brick repair involves your crown. From crumbling concrete to a completely missing crown, this plays an essential role in your chimney’s function. Next, your flue may have cracked or missing tiles, which can be replaced with a metal flue or ceramic tile.

The fourth most common repair is eliminating moisture from your chimney system. Signs of water damage range from stains to the aforementioned cracks. Moisture can then make its way into your home and cause even larger issues than masonry problems.

A few notes on chimney brick repair costs

Many homeowners ask about the cost of chimney brick repair. The easiest answer is that no two homes will have the same type of problems. Simpler solutions, such as tuckpointing, are far cheaper than repointing. Likewise, replacing a missing cap is significantly less expensive than rebuilding your chimney from the ground up.

Brick Damage found during professional chimney inspection in Galena ILProactive annual maintenance can save on expensive repairs

Vehicle owners know that every few thousand miles they should change the oil in their car or truck. This helps to prevent long-term damage and extend the life of your investment.

Likewise, proactive annual maintenance plays the same type of role in extending the life of your chimney system. With annual sweeps and inspections, along with repairing minor issues before they become larger problems, you can avoid costly repairs (or even rebuilds).

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