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Benefits of Annual Chimney Inspections

Sometimes lighting a fire in a fireplace puts the family and home in danger. Helping to avoid life-threatening hazards is just one of the benefits of annual chimney inspections. All risks associated with fires and carbon monoxide cannot be fully eliminated. You can, however, enjoy your fireplace with greater peace of mind by scheduling routine chimney inspections.

video chimney inspection, aiken ilWhat is a Chimney Inspection?

The purpose of a chimney inspection is to have the condition of your solid-fuel heating appliance assessed to determine whether it is safe and fit for use. A qualified chimney sweep technician conducts a thorough check on every accessible component of your chimney system and fireplace or stove. There are three levels of chimney inspections and, as needed, inspections may also include two further components, those being:

  • A video inspection giving a view of the entire chimney flue and
  • The partial tear down and rebuild of the masonry system to access an obscured area where trouble has been detected.

Why are Annual Chimney Inspections Important?

Hazards are often lurking in fireplaces and/or chimney systems. The experienced eyes of a qualified chimney sweep check for issues that could increase the risk of a home fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, issues are identified that could result in costly repairs if not resolved by scheduling needed chimney repairs. So, helping to ensure the safety of your family and home, as well as the impact on your bank account, are the primary benefits of annual chimney inspections

The types of things chimney technicians look for during a chimney inspection include flue blockage, creosote buildup, cracks in the masonry, damage, leaks, deterioration, and more. Inspections cover the heating system from top to bottom. Chimney inspections are complete, from the chimney cap, flue, chimney crown, chimney stack, and metal flashing down to the fireplace damper, firebox, and grate as well as everything in between.

When is a Chimney Inspection Needed?

Even if a chimney is no longer used, all chimney and venting systems should be checked annually to gain assurance of soundness, freedom from hazardous deposits and other obstructions, and more. Besides annual chimney inspections, the following are more occasions when a homeowner should have their chimney inspected:

  • You have made a change to your system. This could mean, for instance, that a new appliance has been installed, you have changed fuel types, or the flue liner has been replaced.
  • You are involved in a real estate transaction that requires a chimney inspection, such as buying a new home.
  • Your chimney system is not operating properly or there has been a change in performance.
  • An event such as one of the following has occurred: a chimney fire, severe weather, or another type of significant event that could have caused chimney system damage.

professional chimney inspection, galena il

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