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Aiken IL – Chimney Service / Chimney Repairs / Fireplace, Insert & Stove Sales and Installation / Outdoor Boilers

Professional Chimney Service Companies in Aiken, IL

Our marked Dubuque Fireplace & Patio trucks can sometimes be seen on the route from W Blackjack Rd to W Hart John Rd and S River Rd to provide chimney services and hearth installations for homeowners in Aiken IL. We provide the full gamut of chimney services such as chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, masonry repair, chimney liner repair and installation, and chimney crown repair. Dubuque Fireplace & Patio also has a destination hearth store, and we specialize in hearth sales and installation.

Chimney Sweep in Aiken, IL

Chimney Service in Aiken IL--Chimney Cleaning, Inspection, Chimney Sweep

Annual chimney inspections are highly recommended by all leading fire safety experts, including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The best way to maintain chimneys and ensure safe and efficient operation of wood stoves and fireplaces is with routine chimney sweep services. Chimney cleaning is also recommended annually by the NFPA. Our certified chimney sweep technicians begin to get busy with these essential services as summer ends every year. Beat the rushed demand to get ready for chilly temperatures by scheduling your annual chimney inspection and cleaning in Aiken IL during summertime.

Chimney Repair Services in Aiken, IL

Aiken IL Chimney Repairs -Masonry, Rebuilds, Liners, Chase Tops, Chimney Caps

Our NFI-certified technicians at Dubuque Fireplace & Patio are qualified to perform every type of chimney repair. Moisture causes the most problems, leading to the need for masonry repair, chimney rebuilds, and chimney liner repair or replacement. We are also the most trusted chimney company for chimney restoration and chimney crown repair and replacement in Aiken IL. Chimney chase tops and chimney caps are needed to keep moisture out of chimney systems. Our chimney services include chimney chase top repair and installation for factory-built fireplaces and chimney cap repair and replacement for masonry chimneys.

Gas burning Fireplace Insert installation in Aiken IL

Fireplace Insert Installation

Aiken IL residents have discovered the benefit of fireplace inserts. These innovative heating appliances transform inefficient masonry fireplaces into efficient sources of heat. To ensure optimal performance and safe operation of a fireplace insert, professional installation is essential. Our NFI-certified chimney sweeps are highly qualified for fireplace insert installations.

Wood Burning Fireplace Installations in Aiken, IL

Fireplaces Installed Aiken IL

We offer fireplace sales for Aiken IL residents, and we are proud of our wide selection of modern, efficient fireplaces. The ambiance of fireplaces is an unmatched pleasure on wintry days, and now, more than ever, fireplaces are also viable sources of supplemental heat. We offer a wood fireplace and gas fireplace installation. Electric fireplaces are convenient options popular with many Illinois residents. Whether you prefer the woodsy scent and crackling sounds of wood fires or the convenience of gas fireplaces, we have options in styling that range from rustic to sleek and modern. The quickest, easiest new fireplace startup is with a beautiful electric fireplace, which simply needs to be plugged in when you get home. You can enjoy the faux flames with or without heat.

Wood burning Stove Installation in Aiken, IL

Wood Stoves, Gas & Pellet Stoves

Highly efficient modern wood stoves, gas stoves, pellet stoves, and electric stoves are much in demand among Aiken IL homeowners and are available at our Dubuque Fireplace & Patio showroom. Today’s heating stoves are able to keep one room or an entire home warm in winter. When you opt for pellet stove installation, you have unbeatable efficiency in a heating appliance that can produce significant heat with a hands-free operation for up to 36 hours. Cut heating costs by turning off central heating and rely on your wood, gas, pellet, or electric stove. There’s no better heating system than a wood or gas stove when the electricity goes out during harsh winter storms. Pellet stoves are also ideal, though they require a small amount of electricity, which can be provided in an emergency if simple preparations are made in advance.

Gas Stove Repairs & Installations in Aiken, IL

Fireplace, Stove, and Fireplace Insert Installation Aiken IL

Our nationally certified technicians at Dubuque Fireplace & Patio provide reliable fireplace, insert, and stove installation for residents throughout our service area. We invite Aiken IL homeowners to visit our destination hearth store. Our Highland WI warehouse is huge, and our showroom is a place where you can see top-brand fireplaces, stoves, inserts, and other hearth displays. We also specialize in the installation of hearth improvements such as new mantles and surrounds, in addition to new fireplaces and fireplace remodels. Anyone desiring to seriously cut energy costs in winter can take advantage of zone heating. Simply have a zero-clearance aka ZC fireplace or stove installed in rooms throughout your home. Next, shut off central heating and use the ZC fireplace or stove only in the room you are in. Our professional crews also provide installation of chimney caps and chimney liner replacements as well as dependable chimney repair and chimney rebuild services. For chimney services and hearth installations, our chimney experts are unsurpassed in the tri-state area.

outdoor boiler installation in Aiken, IL

Aiken IL Outdoor Boilers

Many residents in our service area have taken advantage of the benefits of outdoor boilers. Keep your Aiken IL barn, shop, garage, and/or home cozy and warm in winter with an outdoor boiler. Eco-friendly outdoor boilers are ideal solutions when economical heating is desired. High-efficiency models and traditional outdoor boilers are among the options; and all are clean-burning and, therefore, low-emissions heating solutions. Learn more about outdoor boilers by visiting our destination hearth store. Dubuque Fireplace & Patio is only a half-hour drive from Aiken IL.

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