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We offer a wide selection of wood burning boilers and forced air furnaces for those who want to provide an economical heating solution for their entire home, garage, shop or out-buildings. Here are three of our major brands to consider:

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Outdoor Boilers
Central Boiler

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Outdoor Boilers
Central Boiler

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Central Boiler Wood Burning Furnaces are very popular and many consider them the "cadillac" of Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces. We have sold hundreds of these furnaces and our customers are always more than willing to tell us how much they love their furnace. Listen as one such customer, Jack Potter of Dodgeville, WI does just that.

central boiler wood burning furnace dubuque iowa

You can heat your entire home, business place, workshop or barn easily with an outdoor wood burning boiler for less cost than traditional heating systems. Outdoor wood burning boilers use a cost-effective, sustainable fuel source that provides you with the option for an environmentally friendly, economical and efficient heating system. Many are even qualified for the EPA Phase 2 Program.

Listen as George Breiwa, president of CSI (parent company of Dubuque Fireplace and Patio) explains more about Central Boiler Outdoor Furnaces. We offer both the original Classic Outdoor Wood Furnace and the newer E-Classic model that boasts a 92% efficiency rate and already meets the EPA Phase 2 program requirements.


There are several models that have won the prestigious industry “Vesta Award” for innovation.To learn more or review the models available to you, come into our location in Dubuque, Iowa. We can help you decide on the best option for you whether you are thinking about retrofitting your home for an outdoor wood furnace or heating a new area. We offer an excellent selection of boilers and furnaces from Central Boiler, PSG and Woodchuck.

how does an outdoor wood burning furnace work

How an Outdoor Boiler Works

Outdoor wood burning boilers are installed outside your home, business place, barn or outbuilding from 15 to 500 feet away. Whether you have a forced-air, radiant baseboard or radiant floor heating system, they are designed to work with your pre-existing heating system. If the space you desire to heat does not have a current heating system you will be able to decide how the heat is circulated through your space.

Wood boilers are designed with a central firebox and water jacket that circulates heat by using heated water pumped to your building through insulated pipes. For those with in-floor, radiant heating, the hot water heated by a wood boiler will be sent through the in-floor tubes. This provides steady, consistent and controllable heat for your home or shop. For those with forced-air heating, a water-to-air heat exchanger will heat your home with the energy from the hot water. Whatever your heating system, you will be able to control the heat circulated through your home by a normal thermostat.

Forced Air Wood Burning Furnaces

Besides being efficient and cost-effective, forced air wood burning furnaces offer other benefits. They are environmentally friendly. Wood is a renewable, sustainable resource. It is a more economic fuel option than fossil fuels. Wood burning furnaces are designed to give off low emissions and burn cleanly so that they have even less of an environmental impact. Some are even E.P.A. certified.

They also offer you more independence and reliability. You do not have to worry about the rising price of gas or fuel oil. Your furnace will economically heat your home, business or shop. If you would like, you can go off the grid entirely when you combine your furnace with other sources of alternative energy. Your wood furnace can be used as a water heater as well. You can heat water for domestic use by simply adding a heat exchanger to the system.

When choosing an outdoor wood burning boiler you can choose either a traditional or high efficiency model. Traditional wood boilers transfer the fire’s heat directly to the water through the firebox walls. Though this efficiently heats the water, it does prevent the fire from burning at the most optimal temperatures. As a result, the fire does not burn as efficiently. High efficiency wood boilers use a gasification

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process that results in considerably fewer emissions and higher efficiencies. A secondary burn chamber allows the fire to reach extremely high temperatures that cause it to burn nearly all of the ashes, gasses and smoke from the fire. As a result, emissions are greatly reduced while efficiencies exceed 90%.

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