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8 Questions to Ask Before You Get a New Chimney Liner

chimney liner installations in dubuque IA During chimney inspections, a chimney professional looks for any deterioration that requires repair. When the chimney liner is checked, a special video camera is used. If there is as much as a small crack in the liner, repair or replacement is needed.

Chimney liner repair is impractical if there are clay tile liners, which is the type of liner usually installed when a house is built. Partial tear-down and rebuild of a chimney are necessary to make repairs on clay tile liners.

In most cases when a new chimney liner is needed, a stainless-steel liner is installed because the material is durable and the liners often come with a lifetime warranty. It’s important to hire a reputable chimney company with trained, certified chimney sweeps, to avoid unnecessary or ineffective repairs.

The following are eight questions to ask before you agree to have a chimney company install a new chimney liner:

Why is a new liner needed for my chimney?

You may have one of three primary reasons a new chimney liner is needed. First, your chimney may have no liner at all. Second, you are installing a new heating appliance and a new chimney liner is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper operation. Thirdly, the existing chimney liner is damaged.

Is it necessary to fix a damaged liner or have one installed where there isn’t one?

Yes, it is a crucial safety issue to only use a fireplace or stove when the chimney liner is intact. When a chimney liner has damage or if there isn’t a liner, gaps expose the home and its occupants to danger. Toxic gases, including carbon monoxide, can enter the home. One of the reasons carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous is because it is invisible, tasteless, odorless, and doesn’t create symptoms that would warn people of exposure to life-threatening fumes. Another danger created by a damaged chimney liner is that combustible parts of the home are exposed to the extreme heat in the chimney. Over time, the exposure can result in a highly dangerous home fire.

If there is damage to my chimney liner, can a chimney expert show me?

Professional chimney technicians check for liner damage with a video. Ask to see the video revealing that you have chimney liner damage.

Why is a stainless-steel liner recommended as my best option?

For the best in performance, safety, cost, and durability, no other type of liner can compete with a stainless-steel chimney liner. When properly installed, stainless-steel liners are highly durable and extremely safe.

Is insulation needed for my new chimney liner?

Yes, insulation is needed because it will greatly enhance the performance of the liner as far as improving the draft, reducing the amount of creosote deposits in the flue, and ensuring safety.

Are all stainless-steel liners alike?

There are basically three categories of steel liners: heavy, high performance, and light. Your chimney professional should be able to explain which type is being installed and why.

How will the draft be affected by the new chimney liner?

As long as a chimney liner is the correct size for the appliance, a stainless-steel liner should improve venting performance.

What type of warranty does the new chimney liner have?

Find out what type of warranty comes with your new chimney liner. If it doesn’t come with an excellent lifetime warranty that can be transferred to subsequent owners and that has other benefits, you may want to insist on buying a liner that does have a good warranty.

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